Print and Distribution of Training Materials

Create and deliver your training materials, when and where you need them, in any form: print, digital, or blended.

Instantly create, update, share and deliver training course content using one online platform.

With more than 20 years of industry experience, Mimeo understands the challenges that Training and L&D departments are facing. Content creation and keeping up to date; secure delivery in printed form or digitally; collating manuals; keeping stock; organising packs and shipping can all be very time-consuming. Mimeo platforms offer you a self-managed service to deliver your training content: Mimeo Print – on demand online platform allows you to upload, proof and distribute your course materials as early as the next day Mimeo Digital – enables you to share your content in a secure way with your delegates anywhere in the world, online and offline, on any device

Hybrid Content For Hybrid Classrooms

Stay flexible for your learners without losing sleep converting content. Print and ship workbooks directly to learner residences, offer digital content on a secure mobile app, or let your learners choose their format.

Your Project, Your Timeline

Your project is our priority, whether you need it in two weeks or tomorrow morning. Build, proof, and order your print online and ship it to any location - including learner residences and global offices.

Manage Content From Anywhere

In office, at home, or on the road. As long as you have internet access, you have complete control over your print and digital content.

Guarantee Updated Content

Make sure your facilitators and learners are armed with up-to-date information. With on demand print, purchase exactly the documents you need at exactly the right time. With digital content, upload the new file and hit "update."

Save Money With Smarter Print

Switch to on demand print to save money (and time). With no order minimums and budget-friendly shipping options, you'll never have to compare print project quotes again.

Share To Any Device

Securely deliver your training documents in any format, from PDF to video to worksheets. Send to any digital device, anywhere.

Why choose Mimeo to deliver your training materials?

Mimeo can help to create, manage, and distribute your training materials. You’ll get maximum flexibility in your training preparations. Our cloud-based platforms allow you and your team to:


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    Easily manage your course materials and make sure the content stays up to date with real-time online proofing.

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    Access live print and delivery costs to make sure you are within your budget.

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    Store all training material in your own online library without any size limits.

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    Easily create even complex documents with the choice of sizes, paper stock and finishing options.

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    Shorten your internal print and distribution processes and optimise your costs.

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    Deliver your materials to your delegates’ homes.

You can’t only print with us

Benefit from our digital distribution services and set up your own online shop as well.

Enable users to place orders in your branded online store – free of charge or for a fee.
Distribute your training materials digitally, in printed format, or both.
Have complete visibility of your printing costs broken down by individual users.
Have complete control over your documents: grant and remove access rights to your content for internal and external users.

The importance of printed materials in training

According to our latest State of L&D 2020 Report findings, 76% of training teams print out manuals for their learners and the majority of participants like to have something to take home with them – in printed or digital form.

Training materials reflect the quality of the seminar and lecturer, so it is important to provide a good quality product and keep branding consistent every time. With Mimeo solution you have access to your documents anytime and you decide what paper stock, finishing options and format you prefer. And if you need your documents delivered globally, we have a network of approved distributors to ensure the consistency of your materials, without customs implications.

Your training documents are your business card – make sure you use them to create a desired experience for your delegates.

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What You Can Print With Mimeo

  • Spiral-Bound Documents

    Perfect for: training manuals, reference books, and other complex documents. Customise with tabs, slip sheets, protective covers, perforated sheets, and more.

  • Ring Binders

    Perfect for: flexible training manuals, job aids, and reference sheets. Customise with D or O rings, tabs, slip sheets, lamination, and more.

  • Single-Sheet Documents

    Perfect for: worksheets, evaluation forms, and job aids. Customise with 3-ring punching, lamination, tear-proof and waterproof paper stocks, and more.

  • Posters

    Perfect for: job station reminders, training workshop displays, and more. Customise with lamination, foam-core mounting, full-bleed colour, and more.

  • presentations-1


    Perfect for: subject-matter-expert leave-behinds or handouts for classroom notes. Customise with covers, binding, paper stock, and more.

  • Brochures

    Perfect for: reference sheets and content with lots of images. Customise with folds, full-bleed, paper stocks, and more.

Kitting and Bundling Options

Imagine creating an unforgettable experience for anyone opening your box? Our kitting and bundling options let you build the perfect kit for your next event, training session, or grand opening. Combine your documents and merchandise items into bundles and kits: your items can be shipped together or organised to be delivered in a fixed order to your specification.

Order Warehoused Materials From One Platform

Watch this video for an overview of how to order and manage warehoused items. Learn how to check an item’s inventory at any time, share the item with your team members, and publish the item to your Marketplace.

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