Mimeo Digital Launches New Features to Expand E-Learning Possibilities

Mimeo announce the expansion of its digital platform, Mimeo Digital in virtual learning environments.

Mimeo announce the expansion of its digital platform, Mimeo Digital in virtual learning environments.

Huntingdon, Berlin, New York – Mimeo, the global provider of online managed print and content distribution, announced today the expansion of its digital platform, Mimeo Digital, to give training teams further content options in the current virtual learning environment.

Since an increasing number of customers are seeking remote training possibilities now, Mimeo recognised the need to expand its supported content types and sharing capabilities. Thus, they developed and released two new features: a SCORM Cloud integration and an option for administrators to include supplemental information for learners with their course materials.

The more impactful of the two features, SCORM Cloud integration, allows trainers to distribute and playback e-learning content as well as report on results in their SCORM Cloud account. With this new functionality, customers can host interactive content such as animated presentations, bookmarked videos, quizzes, and surveys within Mimeo Digital.

The supplemental information option lets trainers share video conferencing links, start or end dates, course information, map links to the physical location of the training, and more with learners, rather than emailing these details. This information can be formatted as desired and seen by learners in their library.

Heath Cajandig, VP, Product Management at Mimeo, remarked that “The new Mimeo Digital features reinforce our commitment to providing innovative e-learning solutions to our customers, doing everything we can to meet their content distribution needs, even during the pandemic.”

To learn more about Mimeo Digital and to request a 30-day free trial, visit https://www.mimeo.co.uk/mimeo-digital/.

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