Mimeo.com Launches Marketplace with Customisation

Mimeo announced the launch of Marketplace with customization feature that allows document owners to control overall messaging.

Mimeo announced the launch of Marketplace with customization feature that allows document owners to control overall messaging.

A New Web-to-Print Toolset for Improving the Relevance of Digitally Printed Documents and Marketing Materials

Mimeo.com, the innovator of online, on-demand digital printing for marketing collateral and business documents, announced today the launch of Mimeo Marketplace with Customization, a new variable data printing (VDP) feature that allows document owners to control overall messaging and look-and-feel, while empowering document buyers to tailor documents to meet their needs.

With Mimeo Marketplace, businesses can publish documents to a branded online document storefront and then let others across multiple locations do the ordering.  With the new customization feature, publishers can predefine areas where those ordering can add content such as text, pictures, and graphics.

“In the same way that Mimeo Marketplace changed the way businesses publish and distribute documents, the customization feature will open up new strategies for how documents are used”, said Adam Slutsky, Chief Executive officer of Mimeo.com. “Printing generic brochures or sales presentations far in advance, warehousing them, and then hiring a staff to help with their distribution to multiple locations doesn’t make any sense. It is significantly more cost effective to empower managers and sales people in the field to order customized printed materials at the moment they are needed.”

Mimeo Marketplace with Customization is designed for marketers, sales organizations and others that have brand or compliance standards, but want to provide some level of co-branding or other customization for the person ordering. Through the use of templates, companies can quickly strike a balance between pre-defined content and those areas that can be customized.

“Mimeo Marketplace with Customization is another example of how Mimeo is responding to the needs of our customers for innovative online printing technology” said Holly Muscolino, VP, Product Marketing at Mimeo.com. “Putting customization in the hands of the end user will greatly improve the impact and return on investment of the documents being printed.”

To learn more about Mimeo Marketplace with Customization and schedule a demo please contact your Account Representative or call 1.800.Go.Mimeo (1.800.466.4636).

About Mimeo
Mimeo is the innovator of online, on-demand cloud printing services. Over 4,000 companies rely on Mimeo’s award winning document management tools and print on demand solutions to lower document related costs while improving employee productivity. The company was founded in 1998 and operates digital print facilities in both the U.S. and the U.K. Investors include Draper Fisher Jurvetson, DFJ Gotham, Goldman Sachs (GS) Harbourvest and Hewlett Packard (HP). For additional information on Mimeo, visit https://www.mimeo.com/uk-en or call 1.800.466.4636.

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