The Writer’s Guide to Winning RFPs

This free ebook is your complete guide to writing (and winning) request for proposals. It dispels RFP myths, helps streamline your process, and more.

Download this ebook, The Writer’s Guide to Winning Requests for Proposal, for your complete guide to writing (and winning) request for proposals. This ebook incorporates written and technical skills with decision making expertise to help RFP writers and RFP teams continually add wins for their organization.

Share this ebook with your RFP team to learn how to:

  1. Dispel RFP Myths
  2. Plan a Winning Response
  3. Strengthen Writing Styles
  4. Adopt Methodologies Behind Winning Content
  5. Expand Key Elements of an RFP
  6. Keep Content Evergreen
  7. Automate and Streamline Your Process

Critical deadlines and last minute requests plague RFP writers – who often feel underappreciated in later stages of the sales process. Frequently, sales, operations and business development teams require extremely unique content for new potential customers and renewing partnerships with current clients. This leaves RFP writers and teams pressed to create unique content and quickly transform it into a high value, polished document.

Be it a solicited, unsolicited, renewal or presale proposal, RFP writers are forever tasked with the objective of responding to and winning more deals for the sake of the organization. Unlike most other non-sales affiliated positions within an organization, the win rate of an RFP team can be directly traced to ROI. However, winning more deals is difficult when RFP teams are stunted in scaling and are restrained in controlling a formal proposal process.

This ebook focuses on some of the ongoing challenges RFP teams face and provides the fundamentals for creating winning content.

Download this ebook now.

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