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ABOUT TPT Consultancy & Training

TPT Consultancy & Training is a leading provider of training and consultancy, serving customers around the world. TPT’s core training areas are Business Management Systems. They have a wide variety of training courses focused on all levels of the business. TPT are an approved training partner on both the IAQG and CQI/IRCA schemes delivering certified aerospace, ISO 9001, and quality practitioner/foundation courses.

TPT offer consultancy support to help their customers develop their systems, working with them to provide the most beneficial methods for their business. They have assisted over 150 businesses to achieve certification to international standards such as ISO 9001, AS 9100 and IATF 16949. They specialise in Aerospace, Automotive, and General Manufacturing with a commitment to providing value-added solutions.


Before working with Mimeo, TPT conducted virtual training events using conferencing applications. Running their training on a global scale, the team provided their learners with soft copy content by email, or hardcopy was sent directly to the learner’s location. But then, TPT came up against some problems: Because of the size of the content, 2 or 3 emails had to be sent. They also had to send ZIP files that were blocked by the client security. They had to chase to make sure that content had been received ready in time for the course. They also did not have control over the IP of the content being sent, especially around the standards documentation needed. Printed materials were generated in-house, with a continuous cost to the business in time, print and maintenance.


TPT team up with Mimeo Digital to offer all training materials digitally

Total flexibility for learners

TPT Consultancy & Training teamed up with Mimeo Digital in order to be able to offer all their training materials to delegates digitally. Coupled with their virtual courses, TPT can now offer delegates a fully digital training experience. The beauty of using Mimeo Digital is that delegates can access their materials anytime, anywhere, and using any device. This allows TPT to provide their customers with a streamlined service, not to mention the positive impact on the environment! Delegates will have full and permanent access to their course materials and also have the ability to download the content for offline use. This has modernised the TPT training process and helps delegates to have everything they need immediately. No need for bulky folders and huge amounts of paper anymore. However, TPT recognise that some delegates may still want paper versions of the course materials. Therefore, the training provider still offers this as an additional service through Mimeo Marketplace.

More control for TPT

Digital has significantly reduced the time taken to push content and check the learners’ receivership. TPT have more control to lock any IP needed and are able to prevent the copying and printing of industry standards. The distribution checks have reduced any mistakes. Content can be accessed by learners at any time, even offline. Mimeo is also used by TPT’s trainers who have access to the latest materials through the training material portal they have set up. This ensures that the content is always up to date. The trainers also have the option to access Mimeo print when changes have been made if they desire hard copies.

Mimeo Digital far surpasses email and Dropbox methods. Mimeo resources help learners with the use of the solution. Using Mimeo Print and Marketplace allows TPT to easily create and distribute the hard copy materials needed, saving internal time and costs for the business. They now create customer branded Marketplaces for the learners to buy at cost, printed content if required.

To read more about TPT’s experience, follow this link and read their full report “TPT Team Up With Mimeo Digital to Offer All Our Training Materials Digitally” (

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“Mimeo has transformed our business and integrates perfectly

with our virtual instructor led training and our online eCourses

which has helped to take TPT to the next level. They are definitely

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