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Discover how Lavender International used Mimeo to meet an increased demand for complex training materials.


As Lavender’s training business grew, supporting an increased and more complex customer base with printed training materials became a challenge. Printing internally limited the staff’s bandwidth and caused inconsistency in the quality. Sam was tasked with finding a solution: “The training notes have a big impact on our customer’s course experience; they need to look exceptional.”


Lavender relied on Mimeo’s industry leading quality and error-free rate to ensure client-facing materials looked their best, even at scale. “Picking up a partner like Mimeo has increased the quality of courses we deliver to our customers and improved our image as a global company.”


  • 50% cost reduction in associated costs and employee time
  • Increased quality of client deliverables
  • Refocused staff time on value-adding core competencies
  • Increased ability to scale the business

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Sam’s team increasingly supports global customers as Lavender grows. International shipments and logistics are supported by Mimeo’s 24/7 Customer Care Team. Sam put it best: “I use Mimeo and wouldn’t change for a golden pig!”


Lavender International provides Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Training, exams, and consultancy services globally to clients in the Aerospace, Renewables, Automotive, and Oil & Gas industries. Lavender’s offices are located in the UK, Australia, and the US.

“The distribution for our global courses was time-consuming and costly. With Mimeo, we have eliminated time, reduced our costs, and our shipments are more secure as a result.”

– Sam Cunningham, Business Development Manager

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