Fire Industry Association - Distribution of Training Materials

Mimeo’s streamlined process removed costly steps for FIA’s training team. View the details in this case study.

Fire Industry Association – Distribution of Training Materials

Mimeo’s streamlined process removed costly steps for FIA’s training team. View the details in this case study.


With over 900 members, the Fire Industry Association (FIA) is the largest fire protection trade association in the UK. The FIA promote and shape legislation and the professional standards of the fire industry through close liaison with government and official bodies. Their objective is to promote, improve and perfect fire protection methods, devices, services, and apparatus. The FIA provides industry-leading training across the UK through their network of in-house fire safety professionals.


As the leading Fire Protection Association in the UK, the FIA provides high-quality training resources to all of their delegates in both printed and digital formats. Previously managing their printing services in-house and following years of organic growth, the FIA required a solution that would meet the increased demand from members, allow last-minute changes to the content and provide a seamless delivery service for both the scheduled and late booking from delegates wishing to attend courses. 

More recently, the FIA has also sought to provide delegates with digital training content that could both secure intellectual property for the FIA, provide online and offline access to delegates, and also measure learner engagement. 

The FIA sought a solution to provide further time savings, by allowing delegates to order printed or digital content for themselves.



The Mimeo Print platform has allowed the FIA to build a comprehensive library that contains all training materials, ready to order, and with the ability to update to the most current version in real-time. Mimeo’s production processes and delivery options enable next-day delivery to the FIA delegates, with trackable shipments and detailed reporting. By replacing the internal print and distribution process, Mimeo has provided the FIA with increased speed to market, cost savings, and operational efficiencies that allow colleagues to focus on core business activities.

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The Mimeo Marketplace has been developed for the FIA to allow delegates to order printed material to accompany the digital content of their virtual training events. The FIA has taken advantage of the extensive Marketplace ensuring that delegates are only able to view and order materials relevant to the course they are attending and limits quantities each delegate is able to order. This Marketplace operates autonomously for the FIA, saving them from the additional administrative time associated with distributing manuals to delegates’ home addresses. 


Mimeo Digital’s provision of secured content distribution to the FIA delegates has allowed users a blended learning experience with printed and digital content. With PDF, video, and MS files available both on and offline, learners can access and annotate material anywhere. The FIA are safe in the knowledge that under their control, the material can only be available for designated periods and can never be copied or downloaded, therefore protecting their intellectual property.

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“We are delighted to be working with Mimeo. We’ve been able to solve operational challenges, whilst improving our training delivery to our members and delegates and also reducing our overall operational costs. By offering the rapid delivery of both printed and secured digital content to our audience from within three easy-to-use platforms, we feel that Mimeo has helped to enhance our overall training offering.”


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