Homag - Distribution of Training Materials

The HOMAG Group is the world’s leading provider of integrated solutions for production in the woodworking industry and the skilled trades.

Homag – Distribution of Training Materials

Mimeo’s streamlined process removed costly steps for HOMAG’s training team. View the details in this case study.


The HOMAG Group is the world’s leading provider of integrated solutions for production in the woodworking industry and the skilled trades.

As a global organisation, the HOMAG Group has international production sites as well as sales and service companies. With around 6,500 employees, HOMAG is present in over 100 countries and has an estimated world market share of over 30 percent.

The HOMAG Group offers their customers solutions for digitized production with the digital consistency of data from the point of sale through the entire production process and a comprehensive software suite. With the high-tech machines and systems of the HOMAG Group, customers produce residential and office furniture, kitchens, parquet and laminate flooring, windows, doors, staircases and even complete timber system houses.


HOMAG ACADEMY offers training courses for employees and customers. The main goal of the training team is to prepare all parties for the use of the different machines and to offer the best possible support. In view of the size and complexity of the machines, it is not easy to provide and communicate the information required for operation in a bit-by-bit and user-friendly manner.

Employees sometimes need different information than customers, and in a different form. The information must therefore be prepared and disseminated in a way that is appropriate for the target group. In addition, the HOMAG ACADEMY team wants to be able to control and monitor all training media throughout the entire process.

The way in which information is distributed sets out an additional challenge for the processes: high-quality training documents, which must be updated and adapted frequently, must be distributed worldwide in various languages. Short lead times play a decisive role in this process.


Prior to the cooperation with Mimeo, training media were created, stored, produced and stored locally at HOMAG‘s sites. This prevented the synchronised use of training media worldwide and caused high storage costs and the risk of obsolete documents being used.


With Mimeo you can quickly and easily create, update, manage and distribute training materials. The HOMAG training managers use the cloud-based Mimeo solutions ‘Print’, ‘Marketplace’ and ‘Digital’ and are now able to provide their customers worldwide with consistent training documents.


Mimeo Print offers a central platform where users can manage and update documents in a library. The HOMAG ACADEMY team can add new content to the library and update existing documents at any time. This ensures that all documents are always up-to-date – both in terms of content and design – and can be quickly printed and sent as required. Several users can work together on these documents.


Mimeo Marketplace is the perfect solution for making HOMAG materials available to various target groups for downloading and printing: Internal employees and external customers each receive different documents, users require different language versions and different product categories. Chinese, Danish, German, Dutch, Russian and Polish are among the languages offered.

Via Marketplace, HOMAG’s team manage access rights for the different user groups and external trainers. This way sensitive content is protected against unauthorised further spreading and users only see what they are allowed to see. Learning content is made accessible via Marketplace within a few seconds. The customer can also choose whether to use the training content in digital or printed form.


Through Mimeo Digital, HOMAG ACADEMY provides global trainers with training materials that they can use during their training sessions. Here, too, it is possible to control which trainer has access to certain documents and for how long.

In addition, the training managers can use Mimeo Reports to evaluate which content is used most and least frequently. Thanks to this feature, costs can also be kept in view at all times.


Best of all, Mimeo supports HOMAG with comprehensive customer service that saves internal resources. This means that numerous time-consuming tasks can be outsourced to Mimeo and HOMAG can fully concentrate on maintaining and creating training content. Mimeo takes care of all of the logistics, such as compiling documents, packing and shipping.


Now that the processes for creating and distributing training documents have been optimised, we are looking to help to streamline HOMAG’s other processes, such as operating manuals distribution. Here, too, the aim is to implement a time-saving solution so that customers can be supplied with the latest documents before the machines are delivered. Together with HOMAG, Mimeo‘s experts are constantly discovering efficiency potential, clarifying needs and proposing new solutions.


A major challenge very often lays with the internal change. Internal change very often brings major challenges. The experts at Mimeo worked together with HOMAG ACADEMY to make the change as simple as possible and to use the new processes to make it a win-win solution for everyone. Such transition can always be made at an organisation’s pace and carried out step by step. Mimeo‘s experts are on hand to provide support throughout the entire process.

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HOMAG ACADEMY has been a customer of Mimeo for more than 3 years. During this partnership, the document- related processes for the preparation of customer and employee training courses have been considerably simplified. As a next step customers are working to optimise the technical documentation distribution.

“The most helpful thing for HOMAG is the combination of the provision of printing solutions and the distribution and versioning of digital content”

– Martin Bussieweke, HOMAG Group

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