5 Creative Ways to Boost Content Effectiveness

Nowadays, there are dozens of brands vying for the attention of customers; you have to get creative when it comes to content distribution.

Published on 8 March, 2016 | Last modified on 10 February, 2023
5 Creative Ways to Boost Content Effectiveness 2

Established brands know that getting seen is the first step to attracting customers. Similarly, retaining a loyal consumer base requires businesses to repeatedly put themselves at the forefront of people’s attention. To achieve both of those fundamental goals, you must distribute content, but nowadays, there are dozens of brands vying for the attention of customers; you have to get creative when it comes to content distribution.

Here are five tips for getting content in the right hands:

1. Explore Alternative Social Networks
Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are great for getting the word out, but one social channel in particular isn’t used enough by brands: LinkedIn. While its features have been specialised towards corporate networking, new additions such as Pulse now make this social site perfect for distributing content.

Forbes suggested posting blog content on personal pages, business pages, and Pulse, as well as investing in sponsored updates. This ensures that your message is spread far and wide.

2. Arm Your Sales Team
Sales and account management teams pride themselves on serving clients, and, combined with their frequent visit to customers’ offices, these teams become a unique way to distribute content, according to The Next Web. With this approach, brands can cater their messaging specifically to clients’ needs.

3. Monetise
Brands have a lot of content to distribute on any given day, so why not lock some of those resources behind paywalls? Think about it; if clients, customers, or partners need your content that badly, they will be willing to spend a few dollars. Whether it’s industry reports or training binders, you can host these online and charge for them.

“Go grassroots and distribute content in public spaces.”

4. Go Grassroots
Authenticity means a lot to millennials, and digital spaces just don’t afford those kinds of relationships. So, go grassroots and distribute content in public spaces. Hang posters in local shops and pass out brochures on busy routes. While this might not sound too creative, not enough brands take advantage of local cities and towns to distribute content.

Use New Technologies

5. Use New Technologies
It started with corporate websites. Nowadays, brands create mobile apps. However, there’s also another avenue that you can now spread your content on: wearables. Business 2 Community contributor Sarah Patrick argued that wearables are the next step for maximising content distribution for a few reasons, but specifically, it’s about getting your message seen the most, and smartwatches offer that capability by frequently sending notifications to wrists.

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