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How-To’s for Admins

View our detailed how-to articles, written by Mimeo Digital experts. As an administrator, you can make content distribution-ready ahead of time, replace content that’s already been distributed, enable offline access instantly, just to name a few options.

Standard view across all devices

An upgraded viewer that has enhanced capabilities and similar interactions across all devices.

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Your Guide to the New Digital End-User Experience

Your End-User’s Experience Has Gotten a Facelift! Here’s What You Need to Know

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The Latest Updates to Your Digital Admin Library

Here are the most recent updates that make your Mimeo Digital admin library experience even better.

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Email Template for Mimeo Digital End-Users

Steal our email template to use when sending out instructions for accessing content in Mimeo Digital

How to Replace Content After a Distribution

Here’s how to rank your products if you don’t want them to sort alphabetically.

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Create A Key or Distribution Before Your Content is Ready

Get your key and distribution ready ahead of time, even if your content isn’t available yet.

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How to Update or Replace Content Before You Distribute

Here is your guide to updating or replacing content before distributing it to your users in Mimeo Digital.

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Enable Offline Access Instantly

Make content offline-accessible right from your distribution settings.

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Deactivate Unredeemed Keys

Clean up unredeemed keys at the distribution level in your Mimeo Digital administrative account.

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How to turn on the “copy content” setting

Here’s how to allow your end-users to copy content within their libraries from your distribution settings

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Creating a PDF Form: Data Directed to Your Server

Want to create a PDF Form for upload into Mimeo Digital and have the data pass to your server? Follow these instructions.

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Creating a PDF Form: Data Directed to Your Email

Need help creating a PDF form for Mimeo Digital and want the submitted data to go to an email address? Follow these instructions

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Managing Content with Sub-Categories

Create Sub-Categories and Categorize Your Content

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Adding a Table of Contents to Your Native File

Provide better navigation for your audience

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