Print On Demand

The Mimeo Print On Demand platform offers you maximum flexibility: print exactly the amount of documents you need with just a few clicks.

What is Print On Demand?

Print On Demand is a process where documents are printed to order, typically using digital technology. With Mimeo, your artwork and files are stored digitally and only go to print when an actual order is received.

What Print On Demand products does Mimeo offer?

Mimeo is your Print On Demand global provider for all kinds of documents. We have production facilities in the UK, Germany and the USA, and we have a worldwide network of approved partners. We offer a variety of products, from documents to ring binders, from leaflets to brochures, all with multiple finishing options, paper types and sizes.
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What are the advantages of Mimeo Print On Demand?

Cost Effective

You only pay for what you ordered.

Zero Waste

Nothing has to be printed to stock, so all storage costs are eliminated.


Printing only takes place when an order is received, making this solution ideal for just-in-time and agile production processes.

How does Print On Demand work?

In order to use the Print On Demand services of Mimeo, you need a Mimeo Print Account. The setup is free of charge. Costs are only incurred when you submit documents for printing. You will then have your own online library with unlimited storage space, where you can manage your documents and have them printed and distributed as required.
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