Custom Printed Booklets for Your Business on-demand

Create high-quality custom printed booklets that engage your audience, from beginning to end.

  • Upload and instantly proof
  • Choice of bindings and paper stock
  • Overnight shipping
  • No setup fee
  • No minimum run size
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Custom Printed Booklets
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Your Custom Booklet Printing Service

Build, proof, and ship your booklets in minutes.
Order by 10 pm ET for delivery as soon as the next morning.
We help thousands of businesses around the world print and distribute beautiful, custom booklets.

Convenient Online Booklet Printing

Simply upload and build your booklets, straight from your computer or device. Plus, enjoy immediate proofing to see exactly how your printed booklets will look.
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Print and Deliver Globally

Ship your custom printed booklets to any destination in the world, as early as tomorrow morning. Distribute your booklets to multiple recipients, track your order, and get delivery updates all on one screen.
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Print On Demand Booklets

When you print on demand booklets, it allows you to print small quantities quickly and cost-effectively. Customize your design and order only what you need, when you need it.

“Our field trainers love that they no longer spend half a day assembling binders and can focus that time instead on skill development and revenue-generating activities.”

Ann M. Jenny Craig

“The time-intensive process of working with copy shop chains would not allow us to scale – they were too cost prohibitive. Mimeo makes the impossible happen.”

Carly Gliva

“Before Mimeo, our team stood in front of the printers up to 30% of the time. Just because you can, doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Mimeo gave them back time in their lives.”

Dawn A. Motorola Solutions

Booklet Printing and Binding

Get high-quality booklet printing and binding services at affordable prices. Choose from a variety of sizes, paper types, and binding options to create your perfect booklet.

  • Spiral bound booklets
  • Perfect bound booklets
  • Saddle Stitch booklets


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Mimeo Print App Vs. Other Vendors

Businesses have a number of options when choosing a partner to print and distribute content.
How do Mimeo’s online booklet printing services stack up to other print on demand companies?

Mimeo Print Local Copy Shop / Office Store Chains Internal Facility Large Legacy Printers
Build and Proof Online table-icon table-icon table-icon table-icon
Instant, Real-Time Pricing table-icon table-icon table-icon table-icon
No Order Minimums table-icon table-icon table-icon table-icon
Cloud Based Ordering & Content Management table-icon table-icon table-icon table-icon
Consistent Quality table-icon table-icon table-icon table-icon
Bundle, Kit Non-Paper Items table-icon table-icon table-icon table-icon
24/7 Customer Support table-icon table-icon table-icon table-icon
Production to Delivery in <24 Hours table-icon table-icon table-icon table-icon
Real Time Order Tracking table-icon table-icon table-icon table-icon
Delivery Confirmation table-icon table-icon table-icon table-icon
Create Complex Documents table-icon table-icon table-icon table-icon
Standard and Custom Reports table-icon table-icon table-icon table-icon
Instant Content Revisions table-icon table-icon table-icon table-icon

Custom Printed Booklets

With Mimeo, you can customize your booklets almost any way you want.

  • Specify your preferred binding.
  • Choose custom document sizes.
  • Add a clear plastic back.
  • Use the last page as the spine.
  • Personalize with custom fields, such as names, logos, and dates.

These are just a sample of the 1000+ customizations that Mimeo offers. The possibilities for your booklets are nearly endless!

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Booklet Printing

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about custom printed booklets, with answers from our expert team.

A spiral bound booklet is a type of book or document that is bound together by a spiral wire or plastic coil that passes through small holes punched along one edge of the pages. This type of binding allows the booklet to lie flat when opened, making it easy to read and write on. Spiral bound booklets are commonly used for a variety of purposes, such as notebooks, calendars, journals, manuals, and reports. They are popular because they are easy to create, relatively inexpensive, and can hold a large number of pages while remaining compact and portable.

A perfect bound booklet is a type of book or document that is bound together with a strong, flexible adhesive at the spine. This type of binding creates a square, flat spine that allows the booklet to stand upright and easily fit on a bookshelf.

Perfect binding is commonly used for softcover books, magazines, catalogs, and other publications that have a higher page count than can be stapled together. Perfect binding provides a professional and polished look to the finished product and is commonly used in the printing industry. It is a popular choice for both short and long print runs and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as catalogs, annual reports, manuals, and promotional materials.

A saddle stitch booklet is a type of book or document that is bound together by stapling the sheets of paper together at the spine and then folding them in half. This creates a “saddle” or crease in the center of the booklet. The staples are usually inserted through the folded edge of the booklet, and they can be hidden or visible, depending on the design.

Saddle stitch binding is commonly used for booklets, catalogs, magazines, and other publications that have a lower page count. It is a simple and cost-effective binding method that provides a secure and durable finish, making it a popular choice for marketing materials and promotional items. The finished product can be easily opened and laid flat for easy reading and writing.

It’s easy to create booklets and saddle stitch documents in Mimeo Print. To begin, upload your files in PDF format to your library.

Select “booklet” from the document menu. Then, add your files to the document. You can add multiple files – such as your covers and your content – and change the order. Next, continue into the real-time document preview.

Here, you can customize paper stock, print to edge, and more. Our booklet printing service offers thousands of customizations, so if you need a customization you don’t see, contact our customer success team. Finally, add the document to your cart.

You will be prompted to save it to your library or continue without saving. Then simply add your shipping details and check out.

With Mimeo, you can print your project on your own timeline, on demand. Place the order by 10 pm ET for delivery to almost anywhere in the world as soon as 8:30 am the next morning.

To be called a booklet, your document should have at least 8 pages. Otherwise, it is considered a leaflet. Your total booklet pages should be divisible by 8, otherwise you’ll need to add a blank page.

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