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The Mimeo Print On-Demand platform offers you maximum flexibility: print exactly the amount of documents you need at any given time with just a few clicks.

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What is Print On-Demand?

Print On-Demand is a type of publication process for printed products that is based on digital printing. The idea is: the artwork, i.e. the files, are initially only stored digitally with the producer and only go to print when an actual order is received.

Since Mimeo mainly works with business customers, such an order can be placed directly with Mimeo or our respective customers, who then pass the orders on to us. Mimeo offers appropriate interfaces and its own online store solution for this purpose, through which our customers can distribute their products and end users can place orders directly.

How does Print On-Demand work at Mimeo?

To use Mimeo's print on-demand services, you need a Mimeo Print Account. The setup is free of charge. Costs only arise when you send documents to print. Online, you then have your own library with unlimited storage space in which you can manage your documents and have them printed and sent as required. The whole thing is just as simple as online shopping – only for documents. 

What are the advantages of Print On-Demand?

There are no costs as long as nothing is printed. Nothing has to be printed in stock, so there are no storage costs. Printing only takes place when a specific order is received. There is maximum flexibility in all print-related operations – no need for long planning in advance.

What products does Mimeo offer in Print On-Demand?

Mimeo is your global print on-demand provider for documents of all kinds. The production location in Germany is Berlin, and we also have a worldwide network of our own and partner production facilities. 

Warehousing & Packaging

We have space! Store your merchandise items with us, for example. With our tools, you can keep a permanent eye on your stock. Would you like to include pens and jelly bears with your training materials? Let us combine your materials into sets and send them to you.

Online Print

Due to our infrastructure and our equipment, which includes several digital printing machines, we can also provide small print runs at reasonable prices.


We ship your materials worldwide – quickly and exactly when you need them.
assorted custom and printed products

Choosing the right paper can be difficult. The choice of different papers with different grammages, finishes and refinements is vast. Mimeo can help you to choose a type of paper so that your documents are presented in the best possible way. Be it training or marketing documents, documents for technical documentation or materials to support your sales team, with Mimeo you achieve optimal results in your print documents.

Your printing process with Mimeo could look like this

  • Upload

    Create and upload the content
  • Update

    Keep documents up to date with other users in your own online library 
  • Print On-Demand

    Order on demand exactly the quantity you need 
  • Re-order

    Problem-free repeat orders and updates
  • Logistics

    Mimeo takes care of the logistics

Solutions to manage print, digital, and promotional products

The Mimeo platforms are easy and intuitive to use. All you need to do is register and you can get started straight away.

If you have any special requirements regarding document types, delivery times or payment methods, our team will be happy to take care of them. Simply contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Please note that we mainly cater to business customers. However, private users can also use Mimeo’s services. To make sure if we are the right service provider for you, please contact our customer service.

The digital solution for the secure distribution of your content

Deliver content of any format to any device via your customised online library.

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Your individual storefront

Design your own online shop for your documents and other materials with our help.

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