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Find out how to build the highest quality booklets in minutes, and get a tour of our production facility.

Build high-quality posters in minutes. Mimeo's easy-to-use print platform makes it simple.

Learn to create your own documents! This overview shows you how to upload files and build a basic bound document in Mimeo Print.

See how Wayne Moniz, Project Manager, Global Training utilizes Mimeo.

See how Terry Shane, President, Refined Data uses Mimeo in this customer testimonial.

See how Silas Carson, CIO/Chief Trainer, Illume Training utilizes Mimeo to streamline the printing process at Illume Training.

See a customer testimonial from Paul Butterfield, InContact to see how he utilizes Mimeo to improve efficiency.

Watch this video to learn how you can use customizable fields (variable data printing) for personalized documents.

View this tutorial to sign up for shipping notifications from FedEx on your Mimeo orders.

Watch this video for hidden gems that make building a Mimeo Document even easier.

When Jonathan Halls wanted to flip his classroom to make the most of in-person classes, he needed a technology to distribute content. Watch the flipped classroom approach here.

Watch this video to learn how to add multiple files to one Mimeo document. This allows you to customize each section with your printing preferences.

Watch this video how to change your account preferences so you can use preferred shipping, color preferences, auto-save, and print-to-edge functionality.

Learn how to build a booklet with Mimeo Print.

Learn how to build and proof your brochure

Build a perfect bound document in Mimeo. Perfect bound printing glues your pages together and includes a spine that wraps around your document. 

Create a custom content experience with bundling and kitting in Mimeo Print. Watch this video to learn how and start in your own account.

It is easy to build and proof flyers, sell sheets, one-sheets, and more printed docs in Mimeo Print. Learn how with this short video.

Change your password and manage other account preferences.

Customize your branding, categories, and more within Marketplace admin settings.

Learn the 3 ways to distribute content to your users.

How to insert tabs and slip sheets into your bound document in Mimeo Print. You can customize font, stock, and color - learn how!

With Mimeo you can store and order warehoused items such as training supplies, giveaways - even dirt! Learn how to manage your warehoused items.

Customize and order docs from your organization’s Marketplace.

In this video for PrintX users, we explain how to navigate to your library and place an order.

Watch this video for the secrets to publishing documents to Marketplace.

Organize your materials into folders and share files or documents with team members. Watch this video for all the library tools within your Mimeo account.

This quick video shows you how to browse for content, order document and merchandise, and ship directly to your location.

The first step to creating perfect documents is uploading files to your Mimeo account. Watch this video to learn how to upload PDF files to Mimeo Print.

Save time by using express checkout, plus update your payment options.

First impressions matter. Impress your audience with full bleed covers.

Customize your document with the thousands of special instructions in Mimeo Print.

Quick how to for installing and using the Mimeo Printer to upload non-pdf files such as Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe.

Find out how to make an impression on your clients and learners with full bleed cropped covers with no margins.

Get a close look at Mimeo Digital in this 20-minute demonstration. You’ll see the learner experience, the admin dashboard, and reporting central.

Create your own custom branded content portal to distribute business content to your audience in Mimeo Marketplace.

Watch the Mimeo Plant tour video to see where the magic happens. If you have digital print and distribution needs try Mimeo today.

On-demand printing delivered the next morning. Build, proof, and ship content in minutes with no order minimums. Watch this video to learn more!

Track all of your Mimeo packages all in place. Mimeo Tracking gives customers back even more time, eliminating the need to manually check tracking numbers.

Watch this video to learn how to place an order on Mimeo's PrintX. PrintX is local print for your global brand.

Michele Gebrayel scaled from 3 to 40 annual events by partnering with Mimeo for her event workbooks. Hear from her in this video.

Follow these instructions to print to the edge of your document in Microsoft Word 2013. Then upload to Mimeo Print for professional edge-to-edge printing!

Build perfect brochures and flyers every time!

Mimeo Superstar Guide to 3-Ring Binders. Learn how to streamline your three-ring binder building on the Mimeo Print Platform.

In this recorded Mimeo Superstar session, we cover how to upload, proof, and customize your spiral bound documents.

Watch this video for tips and tricks on ordering and shipping your flyers, brochure, catalogs, and posters. Online Document Building.

Manage and Distribute Your Digital Content Within A Personal And Secure Online Environment. Content Distribution Made Easy Through Mimeo.

Discover the State of Learning and Development in this Mimeo exclusive report.

Package your content with bundling, kitting, and warehousing

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to print? It's more than cost-per-page. Watch this video to find out the hidden costs associated with printing.

When you get a red X on your document, use Document Properties to find out what is going wrong. Watch this video for more.

Let Mimeo handle more of your logistics by warehousing your materials with us.

See why Mimeo is the fastest, most cost-effective, and reliable way for trainers to distribute their hard copy and digital materials.

Mimeo is a suite of cloud-based applications that enable customers to distribute content in print, digital, or blended formats to anywhere in the world.

Watch this video to get started viewing your digital content today!

Learn what happens behind the scenes in Mimeo's production facilities when you hit "order".

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