Enterprise Solutions API

Empower internal users or customers to purchase materials from your corporate interface or storefront. Simply submit API orders to Mimeo and we’ll produce and ship the materials directly to recipients.

Mimeo API

Our Application Programming Interface (API) exposes virtually all of our application features in a simple, RESTful solution that you can integrate into your own systems. Submit your JSON or XML requests to our web services using an authenticated account, and accomplish everything behind the scenes! Provide users with a seamless Mimeo experience with the capability to order:

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Recipient names and addresses for shipping.

Kits and warehoused items

Printed Documents

Mimeo API Uses

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Specify existing items
Add recipients
Place orders
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Upload new PDF content
Specify source document to copy
Update content in newly created document
Add multiple recipients and items
Place order for newly created document
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Query library
Manage items and folders
Access online proofs
Request order status
Get tracking details
Get detailed order receipt

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