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Our Integrations

Mimeo Integrations include Punch-out Process, Mimeo API, Mimeo Single Sign-On and Variable Data Printing.

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Punch-out Process

One solution offered through MimeoConnect is a punch-out site. This provides a way for Mimeo to be seamlessly integrated in to the existing procurement ordering and approval processes of clients.

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Mimeo API

Empower internal users or customers to purchase materials from your corporate interface or storefront. Simply submit API orders to Mimeo and we’ll produce and ship the materials directly to recipients.

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Mimeo Single Sign-On

Mimeo Single Sign-On (SSO) lets users access Mimeo in a secure, authenticated workflow from your Intranet or Enterprise applications, without logging in again, or having to remember another URL and password.

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Variable Data Printing

Add a unique touch to personalised documents using variable data printing. Variable data printing enables customisation of one or multiple elements of printed materials.

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