Mimeo Marketplace opened up an additional revenue stream for STAR—with no internal IT or billing support required.


Over two decades, STAR built a very successful curriculum delivered via onsite client training. They were searching for a new delivery method to open up an additional revenue stream for the business, but they were unsure of where to start, and what issues or investments would stand in their way.

  • Develop strategy for capitalising on pre-existing content
  • Maintain security of proprietary information
  • Create new revenue source


Mimeo’s Marketplace solution allowed STAR to publish a brand new product line that sales managers can use to teach and coach their sales people. Not only was it branded with the STAR logo, but STAR could mark up documents to create a revenue stream, with transactions and billing handled by Mimeo. With Mimeo’s 24/7 support, security, and ease of use, it was the simplest way for STAR’s online storefront to go from zero to hero.


  • STAR branded customer experience
  • New revenue source
  • Easy admin function for quick setup and maintenance
  • No ongoing STAR IT or billing support required

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