How to Win Millennials

There is a new generation of insurance buyers, and if firms don’t market directly to this group, they could find themselves without any clients.

Published on 14 July, 2017 | Last modified on 2 June, 2022

There is a new generation of insurance buyers, and if firms don’t market directly to this group, they could find themselves without any clients.

Evolving business strategies in alignment with technological innovation and the age of consumerism can be a challenge for every business. In short, most modern customers are always Internet-connected, and expect the best services, offers, and individual interactions.

If companies do not cater to millennials, they could lose out on an entire generation of valuable customers. Marketing strategists explain that if organisations leverage key strategies focused on marketing to millennials specifically, more consumers will come.

Here are a few ways that you can help your business to win over millennials:

Content marketing
Brand experience and authenticity are two key aspects of modern marketing. On top of that, millennials live on Internet-consuming mediums and social media, so why not content marketing?

“The key to content marketing is providing customers with content that is useful.”

When insurance companies create blog posts, how-to guides, and videos to speak to their customers, they are developing a brand persona and nurturing relationships. This makes insurers more human and engages consumers in an experience that can be shared with friends and family offline and across social media channels. Furthermore, content marketing generates Internet buzz, and with just a few articles topping Google search results or going viral, insurance companies can become a relevant name to millennials.

The key to content marketing is providing customers with content that is useful; this means delivering information about a specific product, tips to catch a bargain, and even media related to the organisation’s specific sector – for example, a car insurance provider could detail new car announcements or suggestions for safe driving.

Engage and be social
Growing up with ever-evolving technology means mobile and social media are used anywhere, any time. To cater for millennials in your marketing message, you have to be closely aware of how your customers use mobile technology, and have a social media strategy that is based on relevant advertisement across a range of digital platforms to encourage your millennial customers to be social and engage with your brand by, for example, commenting on blog or video posts.

This means that plastering advertisements everywhere won’t work. What will work, however, is creating meaningful ads – posters, flyers, brochures – that deliver information, an idea, or even a joke with a subtle taste of the brand. As long as your brand name is in the corner or featured among the useful content, consumers will remember that ad and affiliated brand. Additionally, businesses can create physical materials for their customers and potential customers. Again, practicality is crucial, and the brand will be present in all materials.

Greater transparency
Greater choice and freedom also drive modern values. Businesses can engage their millennial customers with brand stories that promote their freedom to choose the best service and the product that suits them. Provide a clear message with transparent pricing, offers, and other perks, as these could draw your customers in.

Millennials like relevant and mobile content

Pricing is a key point to keep in mind. While many marketers expect millennials to have greater available income, they spend it with greater care and as part of a well-informed decision. Give your millennial customers a reason to choose you, and they will be loyal customers in future.

If millennials demand anything, it’s personalisation, and in this regard, some businesses might be ahead of others because customer service is at the forefront of some sectors, like, for example, the insurance sector. On top of that, data is commonly used by these companies, so why not leverage it for marketing?

With customer relationship management systems, enterprise resource planning solutions, and a wealth of organisations from which they can purchase third-party data, these firms are swimming in information. By taking that information and leveraging it to personalise content, services, and offers to millennials, there is a better chance that they follow through on a purchase.

Targeting millennials in your marketing isn’t easy, but with the right strategy and a focus on this agile, mobile generation, marketers in this sector will be able to attract more loyal customers.

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