How to Save Money Printing Your Marketing Collateral

Here are five tips to consider when working on your printed marketing collateral projects.

Published on 7 July, 2020 | Last modified on 27 October, 2022

Here are five tips to consider when working on your printed marketing collateral projects.

Have you noticed that the amount of printed materials delivered to you these days has decreased? Every time something lands on our desks or through the letterbox, it certainly grabs attention. With the world going more ‘virtual’, printed materials spark our interest. And it’s proven! “Mail has the physical power to drive a digital response from 70% of customers” says Royal Mail Market Reach

So how to produce your marketing collateral and don’t break the budget? With a smart approach and few tips below, it really doesn’t have to be expensive.

Here are 5 tips to consider when working on your printed marketing collateral projects:

1. Print shorter runs

You don’t have to print large volumes to get the cost saving. Very often a big part of that large run will end up being out of date, obsolete and thrown out. Look for print on demand options that will allow you to print smaller volumes but more often – it might seem more expensive when you compare the unit price, but don’t be put off, you will save on other associated costs in the end. Plus, it allows you to be flexible with the message and ensure your content is always relevant.

2. Review paper stock used

Find out what options your printer can offer – see if there are any that won’t compromise the quality you want and could be cheaper. Your audience won’t know the difference.

3. Do you need fancy finishing?

Spot UV, embossing, fancy finishing touches, etc are great but can add a significant amount to the cost of printing. Whilst they do look different, why not think about… 

4. … investing in good content and personalisation

Make sure your materials are relevant, interesting and add value to your audience’s needs. Valuable pieces of information are kept and have much longer shelf life. Keeping it simple can work wonders!

5. Reduce your hidden costs

The cost of printing goes beyond the price you pay for each brochure. Review all your processes associated with developing, printing and distributing your marketing materials, such as warehousing, picking & packing, organising deliveries and distribution, cost of sending the packs out, etc. Our True Cost of Printing document can help you evaluate how much you really spend on print projects.

Smart approach to printing means finding the right solution for your organisation and individual needs. Look out for the provider that can form a partnership with you and guide you through optimisation of your processes to successful delivery and long term cost and time saving. Mimeo Print is an online platform that can help you to achieve just that. Give it a try here with a no-obligation demo.

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