Ultimate Guide to Building Channel Training

Partner networks essentially function as a system of outsourced business needs, but how do you effectively train your partners?

Published on 29 March, 2016 | Last modified on 2 June, 2022

Partner networks essentially function as a system of outsourced business needs, but how do you effectively train your partners?

It’s no secret that learning new technology platforms can be very complex; that’s why there’s always an abundance of training opportunities any time a new software platform is released. However, training is no easy task. Partner networks exist to help ease this burden.

Many tech companies turn to outside training companies to conduct training on their behalf. When a tech company releases new software, partner training businesses sell and conduct training on their behalf, addressing a variety of different needs from marketing, to sales, all the way up to training; these networks essentially function as a system of outsourced business functions.

Training partner companies solve a major pain point in the tech industry. Complicated software calls for in-depth training, but tech businesses don’t have the capacity or personnel to adequately address these business needs; partner networks allow major companies to hand off that responsibility to a certified training entity.

When approaching the training of network partners keep these best practices in mind
When approaching the training of network partners, keep these best practices in mind.

Building Partners You Can Trust
Can a partner really sell, train, or market your product like your business can? These concerns are valid, and it can be difficult to entrust another business with these crucial business functions. This is where training comes in. When a parent business builds strong and effective channel training materials, it can be comforted by knowing its partners have learned the ins and outs of the company’s unique sales processes, product functions, and value propositions.

To that end, crafting effective channel training is obviously an invaluable process. You want to be sure the partner that represents you has a considerable pool of knowledge to work from. As such, we have created a list of best practices for creating optimal channel training:

1. Ensure a Comprehensive Understanding of Value Propositions: Training programmes should devote a sizeable amount of time to establishing a comprehensive understanding of your company’s products. According to InfoPro Learning, ample product knowledge is the single most important instrument for closing sales and inspiring customer trust. Make sure you put a significant emphasis on the ins and outs of your products in channel training.

2. Demand Certification: Certification is an essential for partners and it should be demanded to upkeep partner programme status, explained TechTarget. Now more than ever there is an emphasis on high-level certifications for partners in order to ensure optimal knowledge before a partnership is created. Make sure certification training is a major part of your overall channel training strategy.

Ultimate Guide to Building Channel Training

3. Engage Your Partners: Training can be a boring task for your audience. Make sure your materials work to engage your partners. Whether this means offering your training information via appealing digital slide decks, or simply creating eye-catching printed materials – Mimeo’s got you covered.

4. Maintain Open Lines of Communication: Training doesn’t stop after the slide deck is finished or the final page of the manual is turned. In order to ensure optimal services from your partners, you need to maintain constant communication. Products change, sales approaches transform: keep your partners in the loop always and make sure they know you are available for questions at any time.

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