Direct Marketing for the Small Business

Direct marketing needs to have an intention.

Published on 17 November, 2015 | Last modified on 2 June, 2022

Brand building is one of the key components of running a successful small business. When customers become familiar with the name of a company and the message of a mission, it is easier for them to trust and seek out a product or solution.

Direct marketing needs to have an intention. In order for this to be effective, businesses need to consider their value statements.

How to improve your business
Those who wish to improve their company’s image may want to consider a direct marketing campaign. To do this successfully, business owners need to create a plan with actionable steps.

“Business owners need to create a plan with actionable steps.”

One of the easiest ways for a company to make their brand known is to make a value statement. According to Marketingland, “Content that’s off-message or doesn’t align with your overall brand and positioning can actually dilute your impact in the market.” In order to create a strong message, begin by including what the company offers, who is the target audience and what is the problem they help solve.

Another way to improve a direct marketing campaign is to include author names and photos for printed content. Not only does this build trust, it also gives your audience a recognisable face when more content becomes available.

Benefits of a direct mail campaign
Businesses need to create a clear path from advertising to purchase. Direct mail can often accomplish this goal. Instead of a spam email that won’t even be seen by the target audience member, direct mail goes right through a person’s letterbox, ensuring that your materials are in their home and available to other household members.

Businesses need to streamline their marketing strategies.Businesses need to streamline their marketing strategies.

DMNews reports that, “direct mail is generally one of the first forms of contact that prospective customers have with the company.” Since all companies want to find new clientele, this form of marketing can be ideal. In order to run a successful direct mail campaign, businesses need to streamline their marketing strategies.

Stanley Steemer, a provider of in-home carpet cleaning services, recently revamped its advertising strategy. One of the first orders of business was ensuring that its email campaign aligned with its other tactics. “I want our customer experience to be consistent across channels, and having different vendors and different strategies wasn’t accomplishing that goal,” Chelsea Penzone, Stanley Steemer’s marketing manager, told DMNews.

The company rolled out a new strategy in December 2013. Since then, they have experienced a 33 percent increase in response rates through its direct mail efforts, DMNews reports. The company also educated its franchise owners on direct mail marketing, which has helped.

Another way to improve a direct mail campaign is by utilising redemption codes. By diversifying the codes based on the income levels of the recipients, companies can distinguish which customers are taking advantage of the offer.

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