Digital content and file sharing’s role in training

Let’s take a look at why businesses turn to cloud-based file sharing for employee training and talent development.

Published on 11 August, 2015 | Last modified on 2 June, 2022

The Internet has forever changed the way that coworkers and colleagues interact, collaborate and work in general. Now, in seconds, employees can share files and documents across the world, making it hard to believe that anyone was ever productive before cloud-based digital content and storage services existed.

However, businesses often overlook one great way to leverage cloud-based file sharing and digital content management platforms: corporate training. Companies hire employees on a rolling basis, but the on-boarding process often involves printing documents that cannot be reused or accessed at later dates if misplaced. Why not just host training content online? This way, staff members have physical manuals to reference and supplemental cloud-based materials to support their learning.

Let’s take a look at why businesses turn to cloud-based file sharing for employee training and talent development in conjunction with their physical materials.

Saving time and money
The cloud is already associated with reducing capital expenses, and the same holds true to online file-sharing platforms, as businesses no longer need giant printers and stacks of white paper. Instead they can rely on managed print services that allow employees to discover or share a document by simply clicking a mouse. Those workers also don’t need to laboriously search for certain files or training materials, as they are all contained online.

“Time is money, and both are saved with online file sharing platforms.”

Furthermore, Business 2 Community contributor Jay Malcom explained that electronic learning programmes reduce the need to travel, cutting travel expenses from the budget, and businesses can make changes without needing to reprint dozens of documents.

At the end of the day, time is money, and both are saved with online file-sharing platforms.

Learning more
The whole point of corporate training is to ensure that employees are incredibly familiar with corporate policies and practices. With traditional training solutions, documents pile up and end up pinned to walls, while older created materials are stored in drawers or thrown away and never used again. Cloud-based digital content solves that problem, allowing staff members to always easily find the information they are looking for without, enabling them to update and improve former content.

Additionally, online content distribution allows employees to spend less time waiting for the post to arrive and more time educating themselves on important rules and processes.

EContent reported that without properly localised training materials, outcome ratings for training sessions will remain low. The problem is that different offices and franchise locations have disparate policies, practices, languages, and even cultural identities. By ignoring this, businesses are alienating employees from learning about their organisations, possibly even resulting in high turnover rates.

Cloud-based file sharing platforms solve localisation problems, as business leaders and HR representatives alter training material to match the final destination of those documents. The source noted that this might seem like an extra layer of complexity, but, in reality, this practice ensures that global brands are all on the same page.

Take education to the cloud with online platforms for digital content for training.Take education to the cloud with online platforms for digital content for training.

Supplement traditional training
Of course, businesses don’t need to completely ditch their printed training materials. After all, it’s likely that many companies have professional, reliable training documents from their managed print services. But is that enough?

With a cloud-based file sharing platform, employees can access and review supplemental or additional training materials online that could go hand-in-hand with the information conveyed in their training sessions. Further insight into corporate policies and practices never hurt anyone.

Cloud services adoption is growing, and those businesses that avoid this bandwagon will certainly fall behind their competition. On the flip side, digital content file sharing solutions can make employees better at their jobs, as they maintain access to all training materials.

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