5 Reasons Why Manufacturers Love Cloud-Based Content Management Services

Why are manufacturers using cloud file and document sharing services? Let’s take a look at five reasons.

Published on 16 February, 2016 | Last modified on 2 June, 2022

From the equipment and machinery on shop floors to 3-D printed objects for rapid prototyping, manufacturers are no stranger to technology, and their organisations are often on the cutting-edge of IT. Recently, the manufacturing industry has welcomed cloud computing and robotics, improving operations on a fundamental level. These technologies have disrupted the pace at which manufacturers innovate, and there are no signs of this trend slowing down.

In the manufacturing sector, competition is stiff. Because of this, business leaders adopt solutions in the cloud and on mobile devices. Every small improvement in productivity, efficiency and product creation can have huge impacts on the bottom line, and in turn, that additional revenue inspires further growth advancement and R&D. When it comes to specific cloud services, it should come as no surprise that manufacturers love cloud-based file-sharing solutions.

While many other industries have implemented and praised cloud file and document sharing as an IT solution that reinvents workflows, manufacturers don’t often discuss how this cloud service has affected their businesses. In fact, cloud sharing is a hidden gem for organisations in the manufacturing sector, and this could be the reason why companies keep their mouths shut: They don’t want to let the cat out of the bag and inspire their competition to procure a cloud-sharing service.

Let’s take a look at five reasons why manufacturers are using cloud-based content distribution services.

1. Mobile Access
Even in an industry where machines and equipment almost never move, mobility still plays a huge role in day-to-day operations. After all, manufacturers need to disseminate information on a frequent basis, and most staff members don’t have the time or even positions that allow them to access a computer regularly.

“81% of manufacturers said cloud platforms improve access to data while employees are mobile.”

So, manufacturers turn to digital file sharing services based in the cloud. In fact, 81 percent of manufacturers said cloud platforms improve access to data while employees are mobile, according to a report from Plex. These cloud services allow staff members to read announcements, training documents, and safety guidelines regardless of their location, ensuring that they remain informed wherever they are on the manufacturing floor.

2. Improve Sales
In the competitive manufacturing industry, the ability to sell products with a well-informed team of professionals is invaluable. With a cloud-based file sharing system, manufacturers can develop a sales department that leverages documents stored online to better highlight their product and more accurately sell to specific clients.

Furthermore, Forbes reported that cloud-based strategies allow manufacturers “to bring their own innate intelligence and knowledge” to every sales meeting and pitch. If one employee knows more about an industry or vertical, he or she can share that information with coworkers via cloud storage systems.

3. Outsource Cybersecurity
Manufacturers need to be even more stringent with their cybersecurity practices, as any data breach could result in other companies stealing processes and methods. IT teams must protect these trade secrets, but doing so with on-premises hardware is not only difficult, but costly.

According to a report conducted by Plex, 90 percent of manufacturers stated that data security improves when relying on managed cloud solutions. This takes a lot of pressure off of internal teams, and IT departments won’t need to constantly upgrade their cybersecurity systems to meet each new threat.

Turn laptops into libraries full of important training manuals, user documentation and sales information with cloud-based file sharing and storage servicesTurn laptops into libraries full of important training manuals, user documentation and sales information with cloud-based file sharing and storage services.

4. Stop Spending
Whether budgets are dedicated to supporting databases, security tools that protect those systems, or printing training materials and documents, manufacturers can drastically cut spending with a cloud sharing service. Industrial IP reported that the increased amount of storage capacity alone is a realistic example of the budget-friendly nature of cloud-based file sharing and storage.

5. Inspire Collaboration
Last but not least, we’ve come to the reason why manufacturers share documents and content in the cloud: collaboration.

While cloud-based file sharing services are perfect tools for disseminating and collaborating on sales pitches, marketing materials and more, these systems also promote employees to work more efficiently with third parties. Plex’s report found that 74 percent of manufacturers have better process integration with external stakeholders due to their cloud-based applications. In this industry, any cohesion counts. The fact that cloud-based file sharing services inspire this kind of collaboration is enough to justify the deployment of these solutions.

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