6 Learning Apps Your Smartphone Must Have

These six helpful learning applications encourage autonomy and exploration in your learning.

Published on 23 March, 2018 | Last modified on 21 October, 2022

These six helpful learning applications encourage autonomy and exploration in your learning.

With the rise of smartphones and their deep integration in our daily lives, mobile apps have had a massive impact on our day to day lifestyles. There is no industry that the mobile app has not revolutionised: from hailing a cab, to selling automobiles, shopping for shoes, and even the food that we consume. The education industry is no exception. The way students learn nowadays is influenced by these apps, replacing e-learning with mobile learning. For employees, these apps have elevated their learning experiences by enabling them to learn anywhere and at any time. With your smartphone, you have an unlimited wealth of material to pull from: eBooks, tutorials, videos, and courses are all at your fingertips. The apps found below are six of the most helpful learning applications that your smartphone must have.

1. Khan Academy

This popular learning tool is suitable for everyone, but is catered towards an employee looking to further their studies. This free app challenges you to recall information about a variety of topics learned in high school and university, from mathematics to computer science. With more than 4000 downloadable videos, you can undoubtedly brush up in all the areas that had slipped your mind. Additionally, it enables learners to keep track of their progress and to unlock significant achievements. You can watch the videos that you downloaded offline, meaning you can bring the classroom with you on your commute.

2. Evernote

Need help taking notes? Don’t worry, when it comes to the note-taking apps that we have, Evernote stands out from the rest. It is a free app that’s easy to use. Do you have multiple devices that you use and wish to synchronise? That is just one of its features, including its to-do list that helps simplifying all your tasks, craft notes, take photos, and allows you to record voice notes. These voice notes are easy to search, unlike other apps where it can get lost in your files. The tool is very flexible, and you can use it when you are at home, work, school or on the go.

3. TED

Another free app! This app’s objective is to make great ideas accessible and spark witty conversations. No matter what you want to study, TED covers vast subjects including: education, business, music, technology, and science. This app is for the people who love learning and are passionate about it. It consistently delivers passionate arguments from tech geniuses, educational radicals, music legends and the like. Its library consists of more than 1700 TED talk videos that are accessible offline and available on any platform.

4. Duolingo

Learning more than one language has endless benefits. It’s not only suitable for your cognitive process, but makes you stand out in this diverse world that we live in today. Students can often earn extra credit while, in the professional world, it can help you land that promotion. Some people don’t get to learn other languages since it is deemed expensive or time-consuming; Duolingo is a free language learning tool available to you at your fingertips. Through interactive lessons and daily streaks, users are encouraged to log in and explore another language outside of a traditional classroom setting. You can even try learning with a friend and have a friendly competition to see who will master the language first. Duolingo offers a variety of languages, from Korean to Spanish.

5. Star Walk

Torch point to sky

This is an app for star lovers young and old, and yes, it is an educational tool! It’s best for students, astronomy amateurs, and individuals who love to stargaze. The app is a star and constellations guide that’s remarkably beautiful and easy to use. You can use the app at any time regardless of internet connection by pointing your device at the sky. It offers real-time, accurate information and views on more than 200,000 stars, constellations, satellites, planets and more for $2.99 a month. Other remarkable features include a calendar of events which helps you plan your stargazing, a star search database, and satellite tracking, among others.

6. Lynda

It was only natural for Lynda Weinman to develop a tech tool. While similar to Coursera, Lynda’s primary focus is technology and work-related skills. If you would like to further your knowledge of websites and coding, this is the app to install on your phone. It provides broad access to a vast library of online courses and training, and can even record music for production. The app, which has a variety of features, can be purchased at a monthly subscription for about $25 a month or yearly for $240. For those working, this would be a cheaper alternative to attending college.

For many of us, our smartphone has become an extension of our body and our primary means of communication and entertainment. It’s natural to add education to that list. Mobile learning is predicted to be the future of education, with benefits including:

  • Performance support
  • Engaging
  • Millennial appeal
  • High completion rates
  • Supplementary material to blended training

With dozens of learning apps to choose from, we rounded up the six must-haves that cover a variety of topics. So, are you planning to further your education? Or are you lagging behind in class? Not any more. With the apps in this article, there is no reason not to excel in your academics. The flexibility of smartphones enable a learner to consume the learning materials wherever they may be. Supplement your learning with the apps listed and be sure to get the most out of your education. Whatever your motivations, the apps above are there to engage you and help you rediscover your joy for learning.

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About the author: Christina Battons is a creative writer and content strategist who helps people and students succeed in a variety of fields, including self-education, writing, motivation, professional development. Nowadays, she writes blog posts at EliteEssayWriters and is an active guest writer on many websites. In her spare time, she prefers to read novels and crime thriller stories. Feel free to follow her on Twitter to ask questions or see more of her work!

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