5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Isn’t Enough

You cannot solely rely on social media marketing and expect to succeed on that alone.

Published on 9 August, 2017 | Last modified on 2 June, 2022

Before anyone gets upset at the title, we aren’t saying that social media isn’t useful, powerful, or valuable. Rather, you cannot solely rely on social media marketing and expect to succeed on that alone. Your business needs to explore omnichannel marketing, and print just happens to be a great way to gain brand awareness and attract customers.

MIT Sloan Management Review explained that in a survey about social channels and their use by enterprises, researchers found that using social media for marketing purposes has “little meaningful impact on [business] outcomes.” The source continued that while it’s possible to transform customer relationships with social media, the tool doesn’t matter, and, therefore, the same goal can be accomplished through any platform or channel.

To that end, consider combining print and social media marketing using flyers, business cards, and posters to tell prospects and customers what you do. Australia Business Review argued that the combination of marketing strategies is the smartest approach to attracting consumers. Jennifer Fuhrman, marketing executive with Marketcity, told the source that some businesses need to tangibly advertise their brands, products, or services.

Still don’t agree? Here are five reasons why social media marketing isn’t enough.

1. You can’t throw advertisements in people’s faces and expect them to respond.
In an interview with Content Marketing Institute, Bernie Borges, founder and CEO of Find and Convert, questioned why social media marketing is still a term and practice despite the fact that marketers know consumers don’t respond well to marketing on social channels.

Simply put, a majority of social media users won’t engage with brands for marketing purposes. In reality, social media channels are for complaining to brands, not buying from them.

Meanwhile, print ads are tangible assets that people can pick up, carry around and easily spot on uncluttered walls. Posters, flyers and business cards are subtle forms of plastering your brand everywhere.

2. It’s hard to find customers who don’t know you exist locally.
If your business is new or recently arrived in a different location, your social media won’t make a dent in the local community. Alternatively, there is no way for customers to easily search for local organisations on Twitter’s platform, meaning that consumers might favor following global brands than your small one.

With print marketing and branded items and apparel, no one needs to Google search, click on anything, or wait for approval to follow your business.

3. You can’t personalise social media profiles.
On social media, all your social eggs are in one basket, since all types of customers will only be able to see a single profile on each channel. While there are ways to target your tweets and Facebook posts to specific interest groups based on CRM data, everyone will still be able to see all the messages on your brand’s profiles, and some people won’t identify with it.

On the other hand, print materials like posters and business cards can be customised and personalised based on the location you plan to distribute them; after all, you aren’t going to advertise coats on your global Twitter account if the majority of your followers live in Spain.

Social media marketing isn't as easy as pressing a button, but ordering print materials is that simple.Social media marketing isn’t as easy as pressing a button, but ordering print materials is that simple.

4. You can’t afford to have someone sit on Twitter all day.
OK, you can do this, but you really shouldn’t focus so hard on just one channel for interactions. Paying someone to just use the Internet all day is pointless, and digital interactions aren’t as authentic as in-person ones. You can, however, have dedicated times to post and respond on social media channels thanks to tools like Buffer, as there are peaks in social media use; but what should you do on weekends or off-hours?

Give an employee some flyers and brochures and send them into the local community to attract customers the “old-fashioned way”: in-person with guerilla marketing tactics.

5. You can’t reach everyone.
No matter how many ways you slice it, not everyone uses Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Further to the point, free advertising methods won’t put you on the front page of every social media channel.

With posters, brochures and business cards, your company can have a local presence, demanding that everyone in the community becomes aware of the brand name and product. Even if they don’t use social media, they can still see your ads.

Social media is great – we use it ourselves – but sometimes it’s just not enough; that’s where managed print services can help.

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