3 Tools for Mastering the Lukewarm Call

Strengthen your selling process by warm calling. These 3 tools will bring your content to life, and help you to effectively engage with prospects.

Published on 19 February, 2018 | Last modified on 21 October, 2022

Strengthen your selling process by warm calling. These 3 tools will bring your content to life, and help you to effectively engage with prospects.

Sales thought leadership and company blogs are oversaturated with the concept of cold calling’s slow and painful demise with the increased adoption of new technology and infrequent checking of voicemails.

The web is brimming with all kinds of viewpoints; the debate is strongest among those that still drive results from this older art form. It’s harder to reach buyers without a personal connection, and prospects want valuable content at exactly the right time.

Here are the cold, hard facts on the hottest trends in prospecting, with tools that bring content to life to strengthen the selling process.

The Old Ways Don’t Work Any More – Unless Leveraged Differently

Consider a few essential facts on the new state of sales:

The fastest, most efficient sales organisation will close the most sales. That takes social selling, but only as a part of a retooled sales process. Warming up the cold call gives prospects a reason to pick up the phone. Delivering valuable content at the right time converts them to customers.

LinkedIn’s “The New Era of The Cold Call” details why businesses still rely on phone calls in the social era. The key takeaway is that social selling can be employed to enhance – not replace –  traditional sales techniques.

3 Next-Generation Sales Tools

Here are 3 tools to arm your reps with:

  1. Spoke Phone – This virtual PBX inside an app transforms BYOD phones into a global mobile network for growing companies. In addition to basics like easy transfers, voicemail transcription, and free international team calling, it includes advanced tech like a multilingual AI receptionist, smart geo-routing for sales calls, and local numbers all over the planet.
  2. Outreach – Calls go nowhere without effective follow up. This sales-enablement platform manages a unique cadence of touch points for each prospect at scale, based on a wide range of variables. Calls, emails, social connections, and even offline meetups are captured and optimally scheduled out so sales reps can get back to selling.
  3. Mimeo – Distributed sales teams in the new mobile workforce need a simple way to immediately access the most updated sales support literature, online and offline. Mimeo delivers precisely the right content and print materials to multiple locations, events, meetings, and regions as it is needed. This gives the company better control over brand assets and brand reputation.

Coming In from the Cold

Comparatively, cold calling is inefficient and expensive than warm calling. After the warm connection, though, the real job of sales begins with demonstrating value. The right content in the right format at the right time makes all the difference in the world.

On the contrary, the valuable insights that can be gained from the cold call – corporate hierarchies, when a fiscal year falls, challenges within a specific department, and paths around the gatekeepers – are all part of the fuel that will warm the end call with a decision maker or champion to become warm.

One-Stop Shop For Sales Print and Digital Content

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