Cooking Up
a Short

Crafted by Jonathan Halls

Cooking up a tasty training video has never been easier.  Like cooking, it’s important to get all the ingredients, use the right cooking tools and complete tasks in order.


Learning objective

Description of target learner

Structure for the video




Write a learning objective and describe the learner. This speeds up editorial decisions and ensures content is focused.


Break your learning objective down and create a structure to explain the task to viewers. How do you start?  How do you repeat key information? 


Draw out the shots you’ll use to convey the learning, following the structure you created. Pictures are to video what butter is to bread and butter pudding: the core ingredient. This is your storyboard.


Review your storyboard. What parts of the message are not clear in the pictures?  Write a script to fill in narrative gaps. Now you’re ready to create video. This requires some planning and preparation.


Create a production plan. Plan when to film each shot, get permission if filming in public locations, and do a risk assessment.


Now, go and film the video. If shooting on a cell phone, steady your shots, hold the camera landscape and make sure there is plenty of light. 


If your camera has manual controls, use them rather than auto controls so you have more control. Now load your shots into your video editor and cut them into a package.

About Jonathan

Jonathan Halls is a learning specialist and author of Rapid Media Development for Trainers (ATD Press 2016), Rapid Video Development for Trainers (ATD Press 2012) and Video Script Writing (Talkshow 2014)

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