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Designing for Success with Large Areas of Color

What is banding?

Banding is an artifact of digital presses and is not unique to Mimeo. Banding artifacts made by digital printing presses may be described as looking streaky or uneven across the print. This will only be noticeable in flat areas, not in photos or other design elements with a variety of colors and tones.

Document Banding

How do I eliminate banding in my job?

There are several design techniques that can improve the quality of how large flat areas of solid colors or tints reproduce. One easy way to maintain a smooth appearance is to introduce a slight pattern that modulates the color. The pattern can be a texture or pattern, subtle graphic, or simple noise. Adding a pattern can also improve color reproduction. These techniques work for large areas of color blends and gradients, as well as solid colors and tints.

Another way to optimize quality in large areas is to incorporate photos, graphics, or text in the design. Breaking up large areas of color with design elements takes advantage of one of the strengths of digital printing – high-quality color images.

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