Sustainability, Learn how Mimeo Minimizes Environmental Impact:


Mimeo is as passionate about protecting the earth as we are about the quality of our services. As a printing company, paper is our most important resource and at Mimeo we make responsible choices that will help sustain and preserve our land, trees and sky. Many of our suppliers are Green Seal Certified or SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified. This certification provides assurance of social and environmental responsibility.

On-Demand Printing = Smarter Printing

Build, proof & ship online =No trips to print shops
Mimeo facilities next to logistics hubs = Shorter shipping distances
Virtual proof technology = Elimination of physical proofs
No order minimums = Zero obsolescence & waste
Less travel. Less shipping. Less waste

Eco-Friendly Production Facilities

We lead by example within our industry. Our Memphis facility was built for lower waste, lower impact, and higher community value in mind.

A Greener Product Offering

  • 100% Recycled Paper Stocks
  • FSC Certified
  • Available for Color and Black & White Printing
  • Recycled Binders
  • Earth-Friendly, non PVC Polypropylene
  • 100% recycled board
  • Up to 80% post consumer waste content (PCW)
  • UV Coating
  • Less energy utilized in heatless drying process
  • Zero petroleum based coatings

Workplace Accountability: All of us are dedicated to making a difference

  • Education of staff, suppliers and customers
  • Continuous improvement of green production methodologies
  • Recycling as a global initiative

Digital Color Presses

Our Color Presses are designed to lessen their environmental impact. Many recycled materials are used in manufacturing, and the mainframes, accessories and replacements parts are designed to be remanufactured or recycled.  In addition our print presses run with virtually no emissions, do not use harmful compounds, require no hazardous waste removal, and consume low levels of energy.

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