• Enterprise IT

    Mimeo can integrate directly into your IT infrastructure and play a critical role in the execution of your internal document management strategy. Examples include linking Mimeo directly into your learning management system (LMS) or enterprise content management (ECM) system. We can implement SSO, so your users don’t have to login again, or roundtrip with your e-procurement system. If you do not have a comprehensive document management strategy, we can help by conducting a baseline assessment to identify how this approach can help deliver against your business objectives and strategies while improving ROI.

  • Enterprise Software Developers

    Extend the benefits of your software’s business processes into the area of document lifecycle and workflow. Create new functionality, products or modules that can be marketed “off the shelf” to your user community. We can work with your company to explore the many print on demand related business models and go-to-market strategies available.

  • Publishers, Content Owners

    The Mimeo platform is perfect for publishers and content owners who need to produce small to medium volumes of high quality, black & white or color, finished documents on demand. Eliminate inventory and obsolescence costs by printing documents as they are ordered. Any document revisions will be immediately available to your audience. Mimeo can easily fulfill orders for out-of-stock and out-of-print titles, cover demand spikes and even generate custom books. Your software or web interface can integrate directly via our APIs to send us content, and provide production and distribution instructions. Or if you prefer, you can connect your application to our server based ecommerce platform, Mimeo Marketplace.

  • Training Providers

    For training providers who sell online, you can plug MimeoConnect APIs into your own shopping cart, and trainees won’t even know they are ordering from Mimeo. Let us fulfill courseware, workbooks, learning aids and other instructional materials. Instructors or trainees simply place orders from your existing eCommerce site, and Mimeo fulfills the materials directly to the individual trainee. We can even deliver a box of materials directly to a classroom anywhere in the world.Don’t know how many attendees will be in a particular class until the last minute? No problem: you can place an order with us via the API as late as 10pm Eastern time the night before the training program is scheduled, and we’ll produce and ship the books for delivery as early as 8:00 a.m. the next morning. Better quality documents, fewer errors, and streamlined business processes are just some of the benefits. The result is dramatically simplified ordering, delivery and administration of training materials – for you, and your customers.

  • Graphic Arts Software Vendors

    Link the ideas designers’ create to a solution that seamlessly links the computer driven RGB environment to the CMYK printed environment. Our photo realistic color printers are calibrated hourly to deliver against the high expectations of the graphic community. Options include the ability to create a create a plug-in for a desktop software application, the implementation of a a VDP (variable data) solution, or to enable a new SaaS (Software as a Service) offering.

  • Digital Agencies and Marketing Service Providers

    If your primary business is developing interactive, cross media applications for your clients, Mimeo is a perfect partner to help you fulfill related printed materials. For example: you built a partner site to support a client’s channel relationships using PHP or Ruby-on-Rails (insert your favorite platform here). From within the same interface you can extend the offering to include materials which support the channel such as posters, training materials, and even related non-print items.


With the MimeoConnect developer program, you will obtain a host of benefits that will help you get your project or product into the hands of your users, or out into the marketplace faster. Now, your software or web application can directly access Mimeo’s document workflow, production and distribution capabilities via our Mimeo Connect integration suite. Access our technology from your own technology platform, whether Internet-based or Enterprise Software.

Features of the program include:

  • Mimeo Test Account: Mimeo test account with unlimited access, in a Sandbox environment that mirrors our production web systems, so you can build and test your application.
  • Documentation: Complete Documentation for the APIs, including Developers Guide, how tos, and access to online help that walks you through how the Mimeo website maps to the API calls.
  • Support: Developer support via the MimeoConnect overviews, getting started guides, forums, FAQs, updates and personalized Mimeo developer area.
  • Applications: Directory of applications that use the Mimeo API, helper applications and APIs, and examples of whats possible in the world of print.
  • Sample Code: Sample code for popular programming languages, including PHP and JavaScript (JQuery), with more coming soon.
  • Ideas / Projects: Ideas to getting going with fresh ideas for Mimeo integration, and existing projects you can use and participate in.

Mimeo provides many ways to integrate with our platform. Choose the one that is right for your application.

Product APIs SSO Punch-Out
Scenario Add Users, Submit Files, Manage Create Documents, Place Orders, Make Payment Securely access Mimeo from Corporate intranet or another application without logging in again Submit Requests for Approvals, Generate POs in corporate e-procurement systems












MimeoConnect REST API (Application Programming Interface)

Mimeo production and commerce capabilities can be directly integrated into your own applications. These APIs make it possible for your own system to do everything the Mimeo website itself can do. In fact, we use these same APIs to build Mimeo’s world-class web experience. Specific web services that are available include:

Price Quote

Submit orders to Mimeo and request printing quotes.


Address Book
Manage recipient names and addresses for shipping.


Access Mimeo document building capabilities, and choose covers, paper stocks, bindings and more.


Store and retrieve documents for printing via Mimeo’s unlimited storage.

Mimeo Single Sign-On

Mimeo Single Sign-On (SSO) lets users access Mimeo in a secure, authenticated workflow from your Intranet or Enterprise applications, without logging in again, or having to remember another URL and password. Implementing SSO adds convenience for users, leading to increased adoption, satisfaction and productivity. With SSO, new users can be setup automatically 24/7, without administrator intervention. SSO can reduce or eliminate administrative tasks around Mimeo account management.

eProcurement “Punch-Outs”

One of the most significant developments to revolutionize global purchasing over the last few years is eProcurement. If your company has invested in e-procurement infrastructure, you are likely enjoying substantial benefits across major categories of spend. Surprisingly few print service providers are capable of participating in eProcurement workflows, but Mimeo is.

Partner Integration

Mimeo’s Print Technology team is dedicated to the constant improvement of printing system automation at Mimeo. The team has developed a complete set of APIs/Web Services that connect not only the systems within our own print facility but also the communication between its print partners. These connection services are at the core of the Print Technology’s automation strategy.

Enterprise Integration

Mimeo provides an enterprise grade REST API for approved partners. With the Mimeo Connect REST API, your software or web application can directly access Mimeo’s document workflow, production and distribution capabilities. Access our technology from your own technology platform, whether Internet-based or Enterprise Software. Virtually anything that can be done from Mimeo’s own web applications can now be done from within your system. Find out more about our enterprise API at developer.mimeo.com.

We are ready to help you drive efficiency by leveraging the investments you’ve made in technology, including catalogs, electronic PO and invoice transactions, ACH support, customized reporting, and more. Through a suite of Mimeo technology solutions, called Enterprise Connectors, Mimeo can be directly linked into your systems, like Ariba, Oracle, SAP, or other enterprise software vendors.

Let us show you how we can improve your company’s efficiency and expenditures.

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