Ease the logistics of delivering training content, no matter the form: Print, Digital, or Blended.

Your training content, when and where you need it. Instantly share, update, and deliver course content using one platform.
Ease the logistics of delivering training content, no matter the form
Upload to Review and Edit Your Learning & Development Documents.

Upload, Proof, and Distribute Course Materials

 Build and Share Files With Others

Print On-Demand for Easy Content Revision

 Print On-Demand for Last Minute Enrollments

Next Day Delivery for Last Minute Enrollment

 Collaborate on Training Materials with Others

Collaborate on Training Materials with Others

 Completely Transparent, Real-Time Pricing

Completely Transparent, Real-Time Pricing

“STAR wins business by providing customized material to all our clients… Mimeo is a key partner in helping to provide that value.”

- Bill McCormick, President and Founder, STAR

We help training professionals print and distribute their training materials like:

Training manuals
Resource guides
Workshop materials
Job aides

Participant guide templates
Name tent cards
Instructor guides
Student guides

Provide Custom Training Content to All Your Clients

Your Branded Online Storefront.

Deliver High-Quality Materials to Clients.

Your training materials will all be delivered in identical quality, no matter their destination.
Scale Your L&D Content.

Publish Updated Training Content for Customers.

Create a branded storefront, Mimeo Marketplace, for your clients to access the latest course materials.
Centralize Your Company's Training Content.

Distribute Training Content to Any Device.

Secure your important IP while allowing your clients to access and engage with training content digitally.

“Richardson offers premium solutions, so our clients have very high standards and expectations for quality. It is crucial that our vendors help us deliver that level of quality to our clients - Mimeo does that.”

Ray Caffrey, VP of Professional Services, Richardson Sales Training

Solutions for Your Blended Training

Create blended training courses using our print and digital content distribution applications. Digital content can be made available using Mimeo Digital or on Mimeo Marketplace. Access for learners is seamless without sacrificing your content security.

Learn more about our options for print, digital and blended content distribution.

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