Typical Documents Printed by Mimeo for Meeting and Event Planner Solutions:

Shipping Materials to an Event is complicated.  With Mimeo’s Meeting and Event planner solutions the entire process can take minutes.  Order online using our award winning software and your materials will arrive where and when they are needed. We typically save clients 20-32% and our clients report an average time savings of 40%. All with award winning customer service.

  • Newsletters
  • Show Guides
  • Attendee Information Kits
  • Flyers

  • Signage/Posters
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Presenter Handouts/Worksheets

Integrating Mimeo into your marketing workflow can solve many problems found in the typical marketing organization:

Event Planning Problem Mimeo Solution
Long lead times for printed materials Even the most complex conference guide can be ordered either the night before or just days before they are needed. With more time to sell advertising and floor space, additional revenue can be generated.
Shipping Materials to the Event is time consuming Order online with Mimeo using our solutions and your materials will arrive where and when they are needed via FedEx.
Uncertain Event Attendance By ordering up to the night before materials are needed, there can be an exact match between actual attendance and what you need. You can even order from the show floor for next day delivery.
Preparation Goes until the last minute Upload sections of the document as they are finished and store them in your free Mimeo library. Order when the last section is ready.
Do more with Less Mimeo saves our clients 20-32% over current costs and our clients report an average time savings of 40%.

Mimeo’s meeting, trade show, conference and event planning solutions are designed to solve many of the logistical challenges associated with the printing and distribution of event related materials. Whether you are planning an important meeting, an event, or participating in a trade show, our technology provides new opportunities for success.

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