Today’s digital technology is every bit as good as offset in producing sharp color. The price advantage of printing large quantities of materials is also quickly eroding, particularly when you consider that in the typical organization 15% are never used due to obsolescence.  Why not use Mimeo’s Marketing Solutions to improve your collateral creation process.

Typical Documents Printed by Mimeo:

  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Banners

  • Brochures
  • Booklets
  • Pitchbooks

Integrating Mimeo into your marketing workflow can solve many problems found in the typical marketing organization:

Problem Mimeo Solution
Short lead times to produce materials Order up until 10PM Eastern the night before for delivery as early as 8AM the following day. We are open 24×7 with top rated customer service.
Materials are not Customized Develop standard templates that can be quickly and easily customized and printed through Mimeo.
Complicated Logistics Place materials into a secure interface that can be accessed by your team to collaborate on creating documents.
Poor Color Quality Mimeo routinely achieves an overall quality rating of 99.7% including delivery. All color printing is performed on photo quality printers and are cross calibrated for color accuracy.
The need to do more with less Mimeo saves our clients 20-32% over current costs and our clients report an average time savings of 40%.

Instead of the long lead times and the lack of customization associated with offset printing, more and more marketers are taking advantage of the edge provided by digital technology. Instead of producing large impersonal quantities of materials, the new trend is to produce only what you need at the moment you need it, with a higher degree of customization.

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