The Sales

Crafted by Richardson Sales Training

Begin your recipe by first getting yourself into the proper Sales Chef mindset. Remember that sellers are short on time, under intense pressure, and need to spend time with their customers.


5 parts Modular

3 parts Mobile

2 parts Demonstration

2 parts Practice

2 parts Feedback

1 part Prescription

2 parts Competition

1 part Ranking



Prep with modules

Prep your Sales Blend by first cutting your content into Modules. A Modular approach will ensure that you can push smaller bites of content into sellers’ busy schedules. You will also need to set your oven to Mobile. Most sellers — even those in call centers — operate mainly from their phones. You will want to bake your learning in a Mobile-first environment so that it fits easily into their daily workflow and can be accessed from anywhere. Forget the app approach — go browser-based.


Portion, blend, repeat

Next, begin your blend. You will want to use equal parts Demonstration, Practice, and Feedback. Show your sellers what both effective and ineffective skills look like through video demonstration. Build practice and feedback into that same demonstration via video quizzes and in-the-moment coaching. Then, repeat this blend in the live classroom. Allow sellers to see it, try it, and apply it. 


Plating and presentation

Finally, prepare to serve up your blend. With sellers, you will want to Prescribe the meal in small bites and feed it to them in an easy-to-consume fashion. All that they should have to do is click a button to go to their next learning modules. If they have to find their food, they might not eat it!

And, to keep them interested throughout the meal, be sure to bake in some healthy Competition. Digital scoring, games, and leaderboards are all effective tools to appeal to your sellers’ natural desire to win. Don’t forget to ask them to Rank their confidence with some well-placed confidence-scoring questions.

Like a great appetizer, confidence sets the stage for better consumption!

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