What is Tape Binding:

Tape Binding is a finishing option generally used for single use publications. Some types of publications that use Tape Binding as a finishing option are conference or training materials that won’t need to lay flat for reference purposes. Tape Binding is usually used for break-out or training session literature in need of a little dressing up. In many cases the number of pages that will be contained within the publication dictates the type of finishing options that can be used. Mimeo offers a wide variety of finishing options to make sure your document will impress.

Tape binding is usually published in small orders needed for conference and training sessions. Although it has a polished look, this binding type is stiff and does not lay flat. Unlike coil or spiral binds, a tape finish is not the preferred choice for high reference literature or for note taking purposes.The process of tape binding places a cloth strip of adhesive tape along the bind edge of the document and wraps around the front and back covers.

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