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  • Binding Types for Presentations

    Binding Types

    • Staple
    • Comb
    • Spiral
    • Saddle stitch
    • Ring Binders
  • Best Paper Options for Presentation Printing

    Paper Stocks

    • Economy, Value & Premium White Paper
    • Premium White Paper 100% Recycled
    • Colored Paper

    Card Stocks

    • White Card Stock & White Card Stock 100% Recycled
    • Glossy White Card Stock
    • Colored Card Stock
  • Add Covers and Tabs to Your Presentation.

    Covers, Tabs & Slip Sheets

    • Gloss, Laminated &
      Vinyl Covers
    • Card Stock, Mylar &
      Custom Tabs
    • Recycled Card Stock &
      Mylar Tabs
    • Light Blue Paper & Card Slip Sheet

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Spiral Binding is the most popular binding for presentations

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