Wholesale Printing Services

Mimeo understands that wholesale printing services encompass much more than simply making copies of documents. This is why we have implemented some of the most useful tools that help augment and enhance our experience with us.

Perhaps one of the most innovative tools that we have added to our website is our online document builder. This tool can be especially useful for our commercial account holders as well as for those who really want to save money.

The Mimeo online document builder is a robust system that you can access from your home or office. It offers a secure work area for you to use for generating any of the many different types of documents that you may need. In addition to the usual types of business documents such as reports, financials, and white papers, it also produces brochures, flyers, newsletters, post cards, and posters. It is a very powerful and very versatile tool that no business should do without.

One way it works well for those who want to save money is that it allows you to order only as many items as you need. There are no minimum order requirements. This one feature alone can save the average business thousands of dollars over the course of a year. But it does more.

The online document builder also interfaces with our production department and shipping department. When your project is completed, you simply click your mouse and it goes to production. Afterwards it goes to shipping. All of this from the comfort of your own desk and computer.

Our wholesale printing services also include things you do not find elsewhere. For example, we offer warehousing for our customers which allows them to free up space. We also offer kitting packages that can save you time and money. And we also offer our customers a wide variety of shipping options.

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