Color Printing

When it comes to your documents, color printing is far more compelling than plain black and white. Color printing is certainly no wallflower–it garners more attention, enhances images and dramatizes text and other typographics. But that’s only if it’s printed in the best quality.

Leading the Industry in Print Quality

Since 1998, Mimeo has offered color printing along side of our many global content distribution services. Printing in color has enhanced the value for many of our customers’ documents including sales material, marketing collateral and training literature. Mimeo gives you the advantage of stunning, high quality color prints. And unlike traditional print services, Mimeo delivers your documents where you need them. This means that any document you decide to color print will be sent where it’s needed.

Document Consistency

This means no more documents that are light, spotty or full of horizontal lines. Plus, you’ll never have to refill ink cartridges or try to unjam a printer. Any file you upload to your Mimeo account is sent to our high capacity production facilities on presses with the richest and fullest colors.

Photo Quality Results

Color printing is supposed make your intended message prominent and your visuals striking. Mimeo offers photo-quality results with sharp detail and accurate color. In addition, we also offer black and white as well as full bleed. If you choose to print with a full bleed, the sheets of paper are sent to our cutters where they will be trimmed with precision around its borders so there will be no white borders or margins.

Print Professionals

Mimeo operators are trained to ensure the color consistency and quality for every document. We calibrate our printers every hour on the hour, so that each document matches in quality no matter which one of our global facilities it is printed in. We employ a strict set of guidelines for each of our documents so every customer can rely on consistent, superb quality. Each document is sent to a Quality Assurance expert that checks for color accuracy and fullness.

Production printing facility

Cutting Edge Equipment and Production Facilities

Mimeo has strategically built its wholly owned print production and distribution facilities adjacent to major logistical hubs, giving us a competitive advantage in both the shipping rates we are able to provide to our customers, as well as offering U.S. orders placed by 10pm for delivery as early as 8:30am the next morning. Mimeo utilizes “Copy exact” technology, equipment, processes and methodologies ensure consistency. Tight integration provides redundancy and performance for all orders placed throughout our global system. With a largely on-demand production model, front-end and back-end integration is key to fast turn, flexibility, responsiveness, quality and real-time production and shipping reporting.  No one in the industry can boast of a better integrated package.   

Free Account – Order in Minutes

Using your free online account, you can choose to color print on a variety of paper stocks. You may also choose to add some flare to you color printed materials with finishes like lamination and poly paper, or by securing it with a document bind. Mimeo also offers special materials and processes such as canvas, vinyl, gatorboard, and foam core mounting.
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