The Case for Presentation Printing

Presentations are a staple in many professions across all industries. Business has seen many transformative changes over the past decade, even in the past few years. Yet, presentations remain a constant. They are necessary functions to communicate new ideas, company changes, industry developments or business solutions.

While the value for presentations has remained, the platforms through which they are presented have changed dynamically. From interactive displays to more visually stimulating layouts, professionals have adopted new technologies and methodologies to keep the attention of increasingly digital audiences.

Yet, there is a single old-school component that is still of considerable value to audience members: presentation handouts. Despite the general preference for digital communications, having a professionally printed hard copy as a complement to any given demonstration is a beneficial practice for both audience and presenter. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why:

The Ultimate Backup Plan: While digital presentation methods are great for engagement, technology is unfortunately unreliable. Picture this: Your computer goes down in the middle or your presentation but the visuals you’ve included are crucial to driving home your point. Good thing you invested in those professional handouts. You don’t even have to miss a beat, you can simply ask your audience to continue following along as you glide through the remainder of your talk. Printouts are the perfect backup plan. In the case that you the device you’re using to present kicks the bucket, having copies of your presentation in the hands of your audience members will elevate their perceptions of you. Not only will you come off as more prepared, but you aren’t wasting their time. The last thing anyone wants to do is to get stuck watching someone desperately try to make a projector or screen work.

Following Along: A major argument against presentation print-outs is that they create an unnecessary distraction for your audience. People may start reading ahead and completely lose focus on your actual demonstration. However, any good presentation is mostly made up of supporting visuals – graphs, stats, charts, and the like. An effective presentation handout merely provides a supplement to your talk. Your audience has the chance to take a closer look at your visuals and assess them in relation to what you are saying.

“A presentation handout provides an engaging supplement to your talk.”

A presentation handout provides an engaging supplement to your talk

Physical Takeaway: You want your audience to continue thinking about or discuss what you have said after the presentation comes to a close. Presentation printouts encourage this activity. Your audience will leave the room with a physical reminder of what they just learned. This will allow for further review of your materials and the potential for increased focus after the presentation. Make your next presentation more memorable with a physical document to support your points.

Mimeo’s Presentation Printing Services

Having your presentation printed demonstrates a high level of professionalism. However, if it’s not printed well people may perceive your attempt as half-hearted. Mimeo provides high quality presentation printing to reflect the level of professionalism.

We offer a wide variety of printing options. From spiral binding to saddle stitch, vinyl covers to lamination, glossy stock to white card stock.

One of the biggest pain points professionals face when seeking out printouts is the minimum requirements for printing orders. However, Mimeo offers on-demand digital printing, meaning you will never print (or pay for) more than what you need. In fact, you can even save your documents for printing at a later time.

Although procrastination is never encouraged, sometimes you have too much on your plate and push tasks like ordering prints to the back burner. Need some printed handouts in a crunch? Mimeo allows users to upload their documents as late as 10:00 p.m. the night before delivery. We guarantee they will be on your desk by 8:00 a.m. the next morning – anywhere in the U.S.

“We excel at our job so you can excel at yours.”

We excel at our job so you can excel at yours. Here at Mimeo, we print in the highest quality with your audience in mind.. This means time-efficient production with a trusted eye for detail.