Services Printing Options from Mimeo:

When you partner with, you get access to all of our incredible services; printing is just one of them. Our customers have long enjoyed our ability to produce their products and projects at the highest levels of quality. Our in-house latest system is the only services printing processing system we use for document generation. We use this system exclusively because we know how well it works. The colors that it produces are vibrant and sharp. Text is clean and clear and the overall results are always stunning. Our customers have come to rely on this system as we do, and this is one reason they continue to work with us year after year.

One of the services and printing options that we offer our customers is our online document builder. This is a wonderful tool for those who want complete control over their document designs and production methods. The builder allows you to upload your graphic files, text files and files from various programs such as Word, Excel, and InDesign and to then customize your pages to fit your exact needs. The program is easy to use and yet it is powerful and flexible enough to do just about any type of work that you need.

With the Mimeo online document builder, you can create brochures, flyers, newsletters, post cards, banners, and even multi-page publications such as white papers, research reports, and case studies. The builder also allows you to choose the type of binding that best suits your needs. At Mimeo, our services—printing, binding, and shipping—are all a part of our commitment to make your life easier and to help your business run smoother.

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