Self Publishing Print on Demand Services:

At, you will find that we offer a wide range of services to help those interested in self publishing print on demand projects. Here are just a few of those important services and online tools.

Perhaps the most useful tool that we offer our customers is our online document builder. It is one thing to author a work and another thing to lay it out properly for the processing presses. There are stand alone programs available that you can buy and use to set up your pages, but most of these programs are expensive and they can be very difficult to use. The Mimeo Online Document Builder is free to use, and you work with it right from your own computer. You can upload a variety of files, including text and graphic files. You can design your pages as you wish and save your edits as you go along. You can even design your own front and back covers.

In addition to helping you create and customize your work, Mimeo can also help with binding it once it is produced. We offer a variety of binding methods including plastic comb, wire spiral, and saddle stitch.

The online builder is also a great way to get started with our self publishing print on demand service. At Mimeo, you can order the number of copies that you need instead of the number of copies that other vendors impose on you as their minimum ordering levels. Mimeo does not set minimum order levels at all. You can order one thousand copies or you can order just one copy. By not having to pay for more than you need at any given time, you can save money every time you order from Mimeo. This is one of the very best ways to make self publishing print on demand work for you.

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