Mimeo Printing Service in Washington DC

Printing Service Washington DC:

Mimeo.com has all of the document products that you need for your business or organization. Not only do we carry a full line of sales and marketing materials, but we can also supply you with presentations, Power Point decks, booklet and pamphlet production, white papers, and every form of report that you can image. And we can supply all of those documents without you ever having to leave your office!

At Mimeo.com we have one of the most innovative and powerful online platforms for use by our customers. We call it the Mimeo Document Builder. This incredibly useful application is the foundation of our online document production and distribution system. Clients using the builder can log into their own private and secure account and begin to create virtually any kind of document that they need. Sales, marketing, information packages, reports, etc. can all be generated from the builder with ease. In addition, users have a great amount of flexibility so they can customize their work as they see fit. Adding covers, tables, tabs, and even various types of bindings are all possible through the Mimeo Document Builder.

Your files are saved for you in your own password protected DocCenter. From here, you can quickly and easily bring up any work product that you have on file and use it for reordering without having to redo the file from scratch. You can also edit your files here, thus making sure that you always have the most current information on your documents. You can even set permission access so others can use the system.

One issue that often plagues those looking for a printing service in Washington DC is the issue of delivery. With Mimeo, you tell us where you want your documents sent and we do the rest. We can ship directly to you or we can ship to another destination. With Mimeo, you can ship one document to a thousand places if you wish.

You can order as late as 10:00 p.m. (EST) and get your documents delivered by 8:30 a.m to almost anywhere in North America, and if needed, Mimeo can directly ship your documents to multiple locations overnight. We also offer our customers reliable international shipping as well. And you can quickly and easily track any shipment online.

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