Printing Company Online, is your one-stop source for all document production needs as well as other services that can make your life easier. For a decade, Mimeo has been helping companies and organizations to get the documents that they need, quickly and with a very high level of quality. We can do the same for your company or organization.

With Mimeo, consistent quality is achieved through the use of our latest presses. These are truly state of the art presses that deliver incredible color accuracy and sharpness. Whether you need color brochures, newsletters, flyers, posters or post cards, we will deliver the quality that you want and demand. Our system is so advanced and reliable that we stand behind each and every order that we process.

We also offer more to our customers. As your printing company for online services, we also allow our clients free use of our document builder. This is an easy to use application that you operate right from your own computer. With it you can create your own documents and customize them to fit your individual needs. The application can be used to create just about any type of document or publication you can think of. You can add your own images and graphic files, use your own text files from programs such as Word or Excel, or create them as you go. Once completed, you can save your project in a secure account and use it again and again for reordering. The document builder allows you to also make fast edits and changes to your projects so that you avoid having to start from scratch.

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