Printing Color: offers our customers all of the products and services that they need and want. We service both commercial accounts and individual accounts. All of our customers receive the highest level of quality possible, and Mimeo stands behind its work. We offer one of the best customer satisfaction policies around and we can do that because of the people we use and the equipment we use.

When it comes to printing color products of all types, the latest processing system is one of the best tools around. This is what we use at Mimeo for all of our documents. The images and the text that comes out of this system are crystal clear and crisp. The level of quality is very high and when that is combined with our own in-house quality control standards, the end result is stunning.

Investing in the best technology is not something that all online vendors do. Some companies prefer to outsource your order to another company to have the work done on their behalf. We do not outsource our work. At we do our own work and we use our own personnel. When you speak with a Mimeo customer service representative, you are speaking to someone who actually works for

Beside printing color products and documents for our customers, we also offer a wide range of other services. Our print on demand service is a favorite with those who often need to order various types of documents. This service allows them to order only the number of items that they need at that time, rather than having to buy more items to fulfill any minimum ordering requirements that some other online vendors have in place.

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