Print on Demand Technology Services:

At, we have the print on demand technology service that you need to make your documents stand out above the rest. We call this the Mimeo Document Builder and it is available to all of our customers, free to use, easy to use.

With the Mimeo Document Builder, you set up an account. This is a private area where you can work on your various projects. The list of projects that you can work on is impressive, to say the least. You can create brochures, posters, post cards, color flyers, banners, and any other type of single page document you can think of. But it goes beyond that as well. With this powerful program you can also create, edit, and customize multi-page projects, too. Research papers, business reports, white papers, field notes, and virtually any other type of publication is possible. You can select the type of paper that you want to use as well as front and back covers, binding type, and even add things such as tabs and lamination.

Once your project is finished, you can send it over to production. This is where the print on demand technology truly comes in handy. At Mimeo, you can order the number of copies that you need and only that amount. There are no minimum ordering requirements with If you need one copy or one thousand copies, it is up to you. By saving your project files in our DocCenter, you can reorder quickly and easily when you need more items. Simply pull up the project that you want to reorder, make any changes that are needed such as price changes, and send the project to production. Our document builder makes all of this work easy.

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