Mimeo Print on Demand Service Options:

One of the most important issues that you have to address and resolve before you select your online print on demand service vendor is quality. Saving money means nothing if your documents and publications do not look professional. In fact, the money that you spend on low quality documents is often wasted money. It is wasted because more often than not, low quality documents simply do not bring about the results that you want. This is especially true if the document requires some type of response from the reader. Materials that often require some form of response in order to be considered successful include post cards, posters, catalogs, brochures, and many other types of documents. If your audience ignores your message because the quality of the material is low, then your efforts have been wasted. It is that simple.

With Mimeo’s print on demand services you not only get great pricing but you also get great quality. Each document that we produce is done on our own in-house processing system. We use the latest system which is famous for its outstanding clarity and detail reproduction. Colors come out of this system accurately and with a vividness that cannot be ignored or dismissed. We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality possible to all of our customers, and this is the backbone of our customer satisfaction promise. At Mimeo, we do not sell your order to other vendors, we do not outsource our work, and we do not take shortcuts.

The Mimeo print on demand services that we offer also includes free access to our wonderful online document builder. This program allows you to create your own documents right from your own computer. You can customize your work as you see fit and then use our program to send your order to production where you can order as many or as few copies as you need. You can return to the program at any time to reorder more or to begin new projects.

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