Print on Demand Book:

Let’s begin by looking at how Mimeo can help you create a print on demand book. Mimeo offers its customers access to a powerful, online application that allows you create, edit, polish, customize and the produce your publication, all from your own computer. Working through your browser, you log into your account and go to the application with a simple click on your mouse. Once you are inside the application, the system is easy to use and easy to navigate. If your publication contains more than text, that is not a problem. You can upload images, charts, graphs, etc. and place them wherever you need them within your publication.

Our online system allows you to upload from such popular programs as Word, Excel, InDesign and many others. Because you are probably already familiar with your own programs, the learning curve for our online application is very low. Our system also features a true what you see is what you get interface so there are never any surprises.

Once you have your print on demand book set up, you simply click your mouse and off it goes to the production department. You decide how many copies you want. There are no minimum requirements with Mimeo. You can order as many or as few as you need.

In addition to supplying you with a powerful online document builder, we also offer you the option of shipping your publication out to its intended destinations. We have several shipping options available, even overnight. All in all, Mimeo can do virtually everything that you done, and do it at an affordable cost.

For those wondering about quality, has an error-free rating of 99.6 percent, and that is 20 percent higher than the industry average. Our shipping departments are noted for their accuracy and quick response. That means your order gets delivered on time and to the right people.

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