Print on Demand Book Publishing:

At, we offer our customers access to one of the most powerful and useful document builders on the Web. This program is capable of creating your project page by page. You can upload your graphic files, text files, and other files from programs such as Excel, Word, and InDesign and then begin customizing your project to your exact wishes. With this program you can also create your own front and back covers, select the type of binding that you want to use, select your paper stock, and even add things like tabs, indexes, and other special features. As your print on demand book publishing company, we allow you to order only as many copies of your work as you need at any given time. There are no minimum ordering requirements at Mimeo. If you need one copy or one thousand, it is up to you. And because you can save your files in your own secure DocCenter area, reordering is easy and fast.

Shipping: One of the most useful benefits we offer our customers is our wide selection of shipping options. We can ship to you direct or we can ship to your customers. You decide. We can also warehouse your products if you wish and even kit them into packages if that is your plan.

As your print on demand book publishing company, we can even get you up and running with your own custom-branded e-commerce storefront, Mimeo Marketplace, similar to, where users log on, select the documents they want, and then place the order themselves. They can pay by credit card or corporate account. With Marketplace, you publish and update documents in real time.

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