Post-Card Printing Services:

At Mimeo, we use the latest processing system exclusively. Every document that we produce is done through this outstanding system. We do this because we know how well this system works and the level of quality that it produces each and every time. With this system, your images and text are clean and sharp with astonishing detail. It does not matter what type of document you are ordering, this system produces the most crystal clear and brilliant results possible. As your post card printing services provider, we will use this same system for your orders. This means that you will get the best results possible, and we stand behind that promise.

When it comes to online tools, has those as well. Our clients enjoy one of the most powerful online document builders on the web. This remarkable program allows you to upload graphic files, text files, and other files and to work with those files as you create your own documents. The level of control that you have when working on your documents is superior to most other programs of this type. With this online document builder you can get the exact document that you want for the task at hand. No guesswork involved. What you see is what you get.

With the Mimeo document builder you can also access your projects straight into production. Using our print on demand feature you can order the precise number of copies that you need, and you decide on what that number is, not us. Whether you need a thousand copies or just one, Mimeo is happy to produce your order.

As your post card printing services provider, we also have the shipping options that you need to get your project to its destination. We offer a wide range of options including overnight, FedEx, and overseas shipping. Our shipping staff is well trained and dedicated and they make sure that your order goes where it is suppose to go.

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