Mimeo Printing Services

Since 1998, Mimeo has offered a wide range of printing services to its organizations around the world. As a leader in the print industry, Mimeo has streamlined the way businesses share and distribute their printed content.

From varying bindery options, document types, and paper stocks, Mimeo enables its customers the flexibility to order print projects of any volume. With no order minimums and 24/7 customer support, our clients rely on Mimeo as a professional printing resource that spans across the globe. With a free online account, users can upload content, build documents, proof their custom print project in real time, and place their order for delivery on any internet connected device, including any PC, Laptops, Tablet, or mobile device. With four facilities located in the United States, UK, and Germany, Mimeo ensures consistent print quality at each location, allowing your content to always remain consistent.

Unlike more traditional printing services, Mimeo simplifies the way documents are built, printed and distributed. Submitting content to Mimeo is faster than going to the corporate copy center, manually preparing documents or traveling to an office supply store with secondary printing service. Beyond industry leading quality, Mimeo offers full visibility into costs, usage and content reach through its robust reporting. Users are able to control costs for their department more effectively. Track expenses by reviewing what your team is ordering. Set budget limits per user. Mimeo transoms printing service expenses into management tools.

From presentations, brochures, training manuals, posters, fliers, postcards and newsletters, Mimeo’s extensive product offering, you can now ensure that your customer-facing collateral and business-critical documents are flawless, despite unavoidable last minute changes. See for yourself and join the thousands of small businesses, organizations, and Fortune 500 companies that have been delighted by our effortless customer experience.

Sign up today for a free account and begin building your print projects in minutes. It’s that intuitiveness and simplicity that has made Mimeo a leading Digital Printer online.

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